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I'm finishing up a HND in IT/Networking and I'm getting a bit worried about what to do when I leave. I've been working on CCNA and MCDST but I'm unlikely to pass them before the course finishes on account of lecturers who don't give a damn. Without those qualifications, with no work experience and no connections, in the middle of a global economic shitstorm, I don't see much chance I'll get a networking-related job in the civ world any time soon.

This MOD propaganda is good. The way I see it, it would give me something to do while the banks calm down, and I'd walk away with experience and a good work ethic.

What's an average week like in the Signals? Is there actually much networking in sys eng. or is it mostly sitting waiting for problems to pop up? What's the work & accommodation like on deployments?

I've had a hankering for soldiery since I was wee and this certainly isn't a last resort, unlike my mate who failed school, went off and joined the Navy submarine corps and spends most of his days underwater in a pod full of sweaty men. :lol:
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Joined in December 2008 and you've only just managed to post? I'd give the operator trades a miss as you're obviously the slowest typist in the world, lol.

Age, other quals, fitness, 1000 yard stare.... these are among just some of the things that might have a bearing on any future military career. Pop along to your local AFCO (as opposed to ACIO), and get yourself an interview with all three services. You may be offered sumfin you hadn't even thought of and be suprised at just what's available.

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