Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flarkey, Jul 10, 2003.

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  1. Secret aid poured into Colombian drug war

    Continuing human rights abuses have not hindered flow of equipment and advice to Bogota

    Britain is secretly stepping up military assistance to Colombia as the war on drug trafficking becomes increasingly entangled in the effort to defeat leftwing guerrillas and drive them back to the negotiating table.
    Despite continuing reports of serious abuses by the security forces and the concerns of human rights groups about President Alvaro Uribe's tactics, Tony Blair has encouraged the Foreign Office to hold an international conference on support for Colombia, beginning today.

    Whitehall refuses to disclose the extent of British military involvement on the grounds of national security. "We provide some military aid but we don't talk about the details," a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.

    But a Guardian investigation can identify a number of key areas of UK support.

    · SAS training of the narcotics police, the Fuerza Jungla.

    · Military advice to the army's new counter-guerrilla mountain units.

    · A surge in the supply of military hardware and intelligence equipment.

    · Assistance in setting up an intelligence centre and a joint intelligence committee.

    Click the link for full article....,3604,994219,00.html
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  2. its true
  3. Who really gives a fcuk??????
  4. So does Teflon Bliar wants to get OK d Blighty involved in the Septics back yard - why? Unless he can smell a Buck or five to be garnered by (alleged) dodgy business dealings

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  5. Necronews, mate. How old are you?
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  6. You do realise that his post was from 2003 and he's probably a bit older now :D

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  7. Heh heh. What a clever clogs prat I am :))