Colts Canter

Discussion in 'ACF' started by PartTimeSJT, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. Afternoon guys, has any one got a route card for the Colts Canter Course in Catterick Ga.?
  2. Is that so you can TRY and win it this year....LOL
  3. hahahaha .....ive actually been brought off to teach JCIC cos of my injuries ....BUT ....ya know we gunna win .....its on our doorstep ...we down there this weekend, come on admit it ...cleveland all the way!
  4. Quiet in the cheap seats HSY if you please!
  5. nice to see a freindly atmosphere in the colts canter thread, to be honest guys im from cleveland i personally think Durham will get it this year , so well organised
  6. I hope Durham do win! :D We are well organised and have been training for a few weeks now. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens next weekend......
  7. But Durham never win!
  8. Colt this year is gunna be owned by c coy hsy ur all crap compared 2 us well get u all next weekend. sin u all out on trainin area wi ya little compases. ur all gunna get owned
  9. Well said big guy.

    Learned the English language at all have you?
  10. very strange, he seems fairly well "linguistically trained" in his other posts
  11. Fucking Chavs. I hate them.
  12. ere yeh am not a chav im frm champion compny ur all gunna loose 2 c coy
    any 1 no staff asher?
  13. Sorry about those last few posts guys. It was my little army cadet brother posting on my account. I'll make sure he sets up his own account if he wants to carry on contributing to this thread.
  14. didnt c coy come third or even forth cant remember but i do remember B COY winning it last AND the year before that, we wont win it this year though were giving the rest of you a chance
  15. Surely that should read "Im not a chav, Im from the champion company and C Company are going to win".

    Not the text speak nonsense that you have just written, you fucking chav.

    Its no wonder the youth of today are hoody wearing, drug taking cunts if this is the kind of pond life that fill the ranks of the ACF. However, I do have a certain amount of respect for the fact that you are doing something with your life, however you may write it.

    Rspct m8.