COLP recruiting police officers

I wouldn't bother applying if you are white, heterosexual and male. Equal Opportunities is NOT equal.

Positive action
The City of London Police acknowledges and value diversity, and we are committed to creating a force, which, at all levels, is representative of the City we serve.

The Force Positive Action Policy states that Positive Action should be used ‘To redress historic inequalities in the composition of our workforce, and to develop a diverse and representative workforce, which will reflect the ethnic, cultural, religious and gender make-up of the central London Boroughs.’

So what is Positive Action?

Positive Action involves actively encouraging members of underrepresented groups to take advantage of job and promotion opportunities, in order to create and maintain a representative workforce. Positive Action is not universally directed at one particular group of people, it is fluid, and is adapted to address imbalance based on any of the six strands of diversity – age, gender, faith, sexual orientation, disability and race.

All jobs and promotions are awarded based solely on merit. Positive Action is used only as a means of promoting opportunity, and encouraging people from underrepresented groups to apply for such positions.

If you would like more information on Positive Action, please contact the Force Positive Action Officer, Victoria Morgan on 020 7601 6774.
As I recall as an ex bobby, LondonCityPlod had such a small patch that your beat consisted of a paving stone and you walked round it. In fact the joke was that you took the paving stone home at night so you could do overtime!! Nice helmet though, very distinctive and the red/white armband was a real treat!!


And I would join the Square Mile Plod in a thrice Poppy..... if only for a sniff at your clout.
Biscuits_AB said:
And I would join the Square Mile Plod in a thrice Poppy..... if only for a sniff at your clout.
Rather you than me as Poppy is a munter and most probably has the genital hygiene of an Iraqi widow.

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