well stop asking mong or troll questions
Like posting a thread on the Sigs forum asking whether they 'are at the bottom of the armed forces ladder'? TROLL...
What has drab clothing got to do with Lonely hearts? I know I am not exactly the brains of England but why this forum?
Some people — particularly those who have been online for years — are not upset by trolls and consider them an inevitable hazard of using the net. As the saying goes, "You can't have a picnic without ants."
psyco1959 said:
next time ill post a thread that gets you all using your brains but having seen some of the other threads thats been posted ill keep it simple
Please don't bother there is enough TROLLS out there
medman82 said:
who the feck taught lawstudent how to reproduce monglets

medman 82 with a IQ of 42 that you have i think care in the community as failed you .

may be you should be sectioned for your own benefit