Colouring picture for the kiddies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by happybonzo, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Here's a picture for the kiddies to colour in; from the Coleshill Resistance Museum site. I shouldn't have thought that the little cnuts needed any more encouragement on how to cause mayhem, let alone a "how to do it" picture
  2. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    Looks like a tricky one to colour in. I'd need sharp pencils rather than the crayons.
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  3. I prefer watercolours myself. Do you have any that show dead squaddies with plenty of blood? I have too much red paint & need to use it up.
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  4. Agreed. I think I may have to used some coloured charcoal pastels for this one. Might hang it up on my wall.
  5. PrinceAlbert

    PrinceAlbert Guest

    Can I get that on a viewfoil for an OHP? I'll stand against a wall, project the picture onto my naked body, then get the children to colour it in with flavoured body paints.
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  6. This is my favorite.

  7. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    In truth,little Johnny enjoyed Father Bob wanking him off. The mars bar and can of coke was just a bonus...
  8. Is that another one of David Rowland's paintings?
  9. This will get me banned from Image shack - again.

  10. Fat_Cav

    Fat_Cav LE

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  11. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    This one might be more suitable.

    bad touch.jpg
  12. I'll see your cnut book and raise you...


  13. Is it to teach pikey kids metal theft ?
  14. Shaolinpunk

    Shaolinpunk Old-Salt

    I wauld argue that this is educational though, most kids would simply pile in to cause mayhem, at least this picture teaches them that a couple should get into all round defence as an early warning system for when adults turn up!!