hello, i recently went up to ADSC Glencorse and passed everything apart from my medical, where my colourblindness was flagged up as being worse than i let on. I was originally going for Int Corp/RMP/Ammo Tech.

I got CP4 in my colourblinde test and now i can't do any of those career choices. The thing is no one seems to be able to tell me how my colourblindness will affect my ability to work in these jobs.

I just thought i would have a personal gripe and ask if anyone else has had a similarly annoying situation regarding seemingly minor medical issues!
kingburn_99 said:
haha, well i am current stab and according to my medical there, i have perfect colour perception....shhhhh!
I am CP4 and this did not stop me getting in, the medical standards may have changed, but when I have my PULHEEMS nothing gets mentioned. You may just have to refine the choice of Corps/Arms that you wish to join.

For Ammo Tech

Colour is very important in the ammunition world. It signifies various things and many markings have to be in a specific colour to comply with legislation.

(Thank fuck i got in there before some knob mentioned cutting wires)
I'm colour blind too (CP3, have been since I was born apparently 8O ).

Never understood the problem to be honest.

Ever since when I was hanging off my mam's left tit (as an ankle-biter, not last week!) I was always taught "That yellow thing is yellow, that red thing is red and that green thing is green", etc.

What it meant 25 years ago was that an MO who was also taught, believe it or not, "That yellow thing is yellow, that red thing is red and that green thing is green" told me I couldn't join the Corps of my choice! All because I saw a butterfly when I should have seen the number 57. :roll:
i did however find that if i put the red filter from my torch over my eye, then i can see 80% of those colour circle things with dots (ishihara test) as apposed to 20%. would i get away with a red monical?
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