I recently failed my UOTC medical solely on the basis that I am red/green colourblind. In previous years they said this wouldn't have been an issue but now for whatever reason it is an issue and I was unable to join.

The officer present then told me I would still be eligible to join the TA, but I am uncertain how I could possibly join the TA when even the UOTC wouldn't allow me to join.

Can anyone tell me what the current TA policy is on those suffering from colour defficiency?
What Colour Perception (CP) grading were you given at your medical? Post it here and I'll advise what trades may be open to you in the TA.
I wasn't actually given a colour perception rating. They just basically said "You are colourblind and therefore cannot join the UOTC". I wasn't even given the option of the lantern test.

Although its not rated yet, I would probably say it is CP4, as this is for severe colour deficiency or so I am led to believe?

I will most likely leave things as they are for university now but would like to join the TA upon graduation. The TA centre in my hometown (Crewe) I believe is for D Comapany, 4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment and it houses 1 Rifle Platoon and HQ so if I joined here it would just be basic infantry, although I would like to get a commission eventually.

Please forgive any mistakes or false conclusions etc. that I may have joined as the TA is something I have only just started to look into as my origional plan was to join the UOTC.
thats wierd mate i have just finished my training up at ITC and i am classed as CP4 but even tho the RAF REG said i couldnt join them i wernt to arrsed cuz i didnt want to go there but the infantry said yer its fine .. i turned up to catterick failed the colour vision test and they said yer thats fine but i cant join any other job i can only go infantry.
I went for the sixthform scholarship down at Westbury last year and the MO just said my options were limited for being CP4 and gave me a sheet (that I've posted on ARRSE somewhere) and said nothing of being medically deferred. I also had a little chat to my local TA units recruiting C/Sjt and he said that most trades in my local unit would be open (well apart from the more technical ones). The only reason I can think of you not being accepted is that they are currently full and are looking for any old excuse to turn people away?
I did think that. I passed the selection day (With interview, presentation and group discussions etc) and the next day was the medical/ fitness test. Although I know I would have easily passed the fitness test I was unable to participate because the medical came first and the doctor said I was perfectly fit dexcept for my colour deficiency. The fact that I was offered a position in the TA instead led me to believe that the OTC has started to literally find any excuse possible to drop people this year, maybe to do with budgets etc?
Even at CP4 you would be eligible for most trades. Just out of interested what capbadge are you looking at joining? For Officer entry the only ones that require CP3 or higher are RE, RLC, AAC and RMP.
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