colour sargeant jim thorner royal marines

does anyone know colour sargeant jim thorner 839 squadron royal marines plymouth he was my brother and my hero and he suddenly passed away yesterday aged 58 having given 31 years of his life to the corps would love to hear RIP


If you hang about a bit longer, the 'grieving party' will be along just as soon as they finished the buffet. They're busy on another thread.
i remember jim thorner very well,thats if its the same jim thorner who when he came out of the corps worked for south west water ?
i am a former royal marine who on leaving the regular corps joined the royal marines reserve at rmr bristol plymouth detachment based at stonehouse barracks in plymouth,
he used to regale us with stories of when he served overseas with his 2 squadmates who were also in the rmr captain wilkins and colour sargeant len jones,without the input from these 3 guys life in the rmr would have been very dull indeed in fact we often had a run ashore to another former royal marine called yorkie malone he was landlord of a pub in bickliegh devon,our paths didnt cross during my time in the regular corps but we often met up in his outside job working for southwest water,he often worked in saltash were i worked as a postie,and one day back in 1996 ,i was on a delivery when a chap in a van stopped me and asked where a certain address was,when i turned around it was jim,we recognised each other immediatly,he quipped that it seems i have this strange addiction to walking around carrying heavy loads even outside the corps!.
i only found out the other day on the 11 /3/9 that jim was no longer with us,i saw this water board chap doing the same job that jim used to do and i asked him if jim had retired,because i hadnt seen him for some time,it was then he told me he had a massive stroke approx 18 months ago,to say i was dumbstruck would be an understatement,in fact i was gutted, his workmates were very angry in fact with his employers because they reckoned it was through stress brought on by changes in working practice with south west water that brought on his stroke,i vowed that when i got home i would have a tot of pussers rum in jims memory which of course i did !,you can be rest assured that jim was a very highly respected marine, by all who had the honour of serving with him,also i was told by his workmate that jim got a full military send off as befitting a member of the best club in the world the royal marines ! please accept my belated condolances for your sad loss,believe me he will not be forgotten all the best, jan f

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