Colour Perception


I've just been knocked back by the RAF for my chosen trade for scoring as a CP4 on the lantern test. The only trades which are now available to me are caterer or personal support due to my age, 30 yrs.

My question is does this go across the board for armed forces?

Can someone give me an idea of trades available to me with the Army and Marines?

Your guidance will be appreciated. It has become quite an ambition of mine to serve.


There are a lot of jobs including Infantry, RAC, RA and even logistic and some engineering jobs where CP4 is acceptable, this wont become apparent till you have had your medical at ADSC however when you sit the initial BARB test the Recruiter will be able to give you an idea of what the requirements are for specific CEGs. Things like VM, Electricians and a number of other jobs though require a higher said you will get more guidance once you have decided on preferences as the recruiter can let you know what standards are required......once you get the RG8 you will also get an opticians form to take to your opticians and they will also get the medical information the RAF have on you.

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