colour perception - rafp and rmp

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by robbo9, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. can any one shed sumlight on colour percetion requiemrntes for raf police and rmp? :?:
  2. The need for a basic level of spelling and grammar so you can "take down their particulars"?

    I am pretty sure you also need to have a complete personality removal and **** retention lessons in order to fully move into their fold!
  3. thanks, very helpfull, any seirous advice would be great,lol
  4. Have you tried that little known resource, which I like to call a "careers office"?
  5. thanks(for nothing) im on about, how flexible are they/ cos all you get form afco are just the requiermnets and not the relism
  6. stop chopsin off, go to the careers office if u want some proper advice, or be less defensive. The more u bite, the worse its gonna get.....and u havent even got a red beret on yet!!
  7. also, whats that like relish?
  8. Robbo before you go down the ACIO to try and join up, visit this site.........

    You may find it of use you illiterate tw*t.

    Oh by the way the abuse that you have been given on this thread so far, is far less than the normal abuse monkey's get, so if you want to be one get used to it.
  9. fair enuf, so has anyone actaully got ne proper advice for me?
  10. Yes, actually I have...

    Grab your neck with both hands and squeeze really tightly so that you cannot breathe at all, be patient and keep this going for a while, a good sign that it is working will be a sort of blackness with a hazy white light in the distance; conventional thinking says that this light should be avoided at all costs, but fella, you just go straight for it, they will have loads of answers for you there...

    fecking illiterate faux-troll
  11. right ok....
  12. A narrative would be nice...
  13. nope sorry didnt work...u obviously cant even do that right, take ur lightsabre and go do suming with it
  14. The subtitle to this forum is-

    "Got a personal legal or medical problem? Post here for some entirely confidential advice." :roll:

    Perhaps it should be changed to-

    "Want to rapidly assemble a crowd of morons? Post a reasonable question here, and they will come."
  15. yea excalty, it was a simple question