Colour perception, RAF police or RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by robbo9, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. hello, im in the TA, and i wnt to either join the rmp or rafp.
    any ideas on how they are different? and also how can i find out my colour vison before i apply, and atsing my tiem (becasie i know im colour blind slightly)

    pleasee help
  2. Waaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  3. yea help please!!!!
  4. You can get your colour blindness checked out at an opticians I believe.
  5. Hi Robbo,

    I am pretty sure that you can be a RAFP with colour blindness. I met a lad once who was turned down for a groundcrew techie electrical job but was able to be a policeman. I would imagine that the RMP have similar MES (Medical Employment Standard). From my limited knowledge of the provost side of the house (And not wanting to start a turf war) I would say the Army is a better career bet. As an RAF Snowdrop you will be on low pay and be a plastic Cpl. Lots of bad hours walking the wire and guard duties. Promotion to substantive rank is slow and the RAF Police have seem to be have a lot of 'old' corporals. There is fierce competition for the SI or CI courses. The army will promote you faster and you will get many more interesting detachments. If you signed for 22 years there is a fair chance you could only be a Cpl or Sgt in the RAFP at age 40. However in the Army there is no reason whu you could not become a Warrant Officer by 40. Anyway all the best with your endeavours and I wish you a great career in the services.

  6. 58 is right in saying that promotion in the RAFP is very slow. However, now we've been up banded it does make life easier!

    As an RAF copper you'll more than likely be placed on duty on your tod, only having advice at the end of a mobile phone and help in the form of the MPGS. Promotion is much faster in the army, but at the moment, you can only do 22 years (is this still the case?) - In the RAF, you can stay in til 55.

    The army has it's benefits as does the RAF, but the RAF treat their troops far better than the rompers. So the question is, what is it you want out of your time in the forces?
  7. Yeah, really slow. :roll: Basic training is five minutes and straight to Cpl.

    Promotion BEYOND THAT is slow. :wink:
  8. i want to be treated like a perosn, but also have the repsoniblity,
    do the rafp really get promoted to a cpl. after trianing?

    and wht are the clour perception tests for the rafp?
    and how soon is the medcial (include vision) throuh the application process?
  9. Steady tiger! Like I said, promotion is slow, however, things are changing. Mid nineties it took between 9 to 12 years just to get subby full screw. Now you're looking at anything from 4 years onwards depending on how keen you are and how much of a knob your gaffer is.

    Basic trg is 8 (or is it 6?) weeks at the Airmand Command School, RAF Halton then off to the joint Police School for 22 weeks.

    Aircraftsman (AC) during training, Leading Aircraftsman acting Cpl (LAC/A/Cpl) on completion of trg then Senior Aircraftsman acting Cpl(SAC/A/Cpl) after 1 year (and on completion of a trade ability test). SAC/A/Cpl to full Cpl is all dependant on your confidential reports (CR or F6000). Technically you need 3 consecutive years worth of good CR's but you'll normally only get an average one for your first. Cpl to Sgt requires 4 years of good CR's. Although promotion is slower than the army, the RAF offers a longer career.

    I hate the lack of discipline in the RAF, but the army discipline can be OTT. The RAF in general looks after it's troops a lot better, but promotion and courses are easier to attain in the army.

    Not sure about the med side, it's er, been a while shall we say. Obviously your AFCO are the best to answer all your preparation & application questions.
  10. thanks very much, but what do they do on a typically day basis? and do they go out on civvy streets on say a friday night?
  11. you only need black and white for the RAF(P). Ask any dog handler ha ha ha
  12. Colour blind AND dyslexic? If you're a billy no mates too, they'll snap you up!
  13. Here we go, lets slag off them off again. Very very boring.

    "thanks very much, but what do they do on a typically day basis? and do they go out on civvy streets on say a friday night? "

    No civvy streets, we don't get hoards of squaddies ripping the local town apart. There's nothing typical about any policemans day.
  14. ok, cheers guys