Colour images from WWII USSR

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. More good stuff collected together on the often entertaining English Russia Blog.

    This time, colour images from WWII that make me feel like I'm back in COD: World at War

    some examples....



  2. great pics
  3. I bet the photographer had a Kraut camera cos they are buitifull
  4. the KV1 took a pounding, great pics
  5. Good pics, but not all genuine color.

    Of the three above, the first is genuine agfacolor and has been published a number of times before.

    The two below it are photoshop colourised - you can see the monikers of the artists in the corner - quite a popular pastime on some WWII websites.

    Great to get a feel for how these scenes might have looked, but not 100% accurate colour reproduction.

  6. ah well... they are still cracking though.

    Funny how colour males such a difference...
  7. Nice pics. Any more?... :?
  8. I wonder if those PoW made it home ? The photos are certainly clear enough to be able to ID those in the middle shot.
  9. did you go to

    They have loads of different threads, some of which are of old piccies from the USSR during WWII.

    For instance, on this thread someone has blended images from the Siege of Leningrad, with modern day shots of St Petersberg

    It is also worth looking at some of the fine Russian ladies too :wink:
  10. Cheers mate. Cant get it from work, but will try at home.