Colour deficiency at RSC?

Alright just wondering if anyone could help me out.

I'm colour deficient (CP3) and i've got my selection next week. What i want to know is if i fail the colour-vision test in the medical and need to take the Lantern test for a clearer diagnosis, will i be medically deferred on the spot or will i be able to carry on with my 2 days?



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It will probably limit the job's available to you. ie pilot, ato, sparky.
You definately wont get the bomb disposal job :wink:

As RMA said you will have limitationson the jobs you go for ie Air Tech/Sig Techs etc but once you have had medical SMO will explain it all too you. A lot ofit goes down to if youve mentioned it too your recruiter whos planned your three choices to reflect your colour deficiency. This can be hard in some respects to do as its all medical in confidence so recruiters dont see the job per perception on TAFMIS like the med wing.

Just wait till the medical and they will explain all to you. Good luck
My first choice is an Armoured Engineer which CP3 is the required colour vision needed. I have had an opticians form filled in but it only describes me as being 'colour deficient' and not at what level.

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