Colour blindness

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Vigs, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. orite every1,

    jus 1 quick question realy- i have applied for the infantry, had my BARB test, the interview n all tht stuff and im now about go to lichfiled for the medical n physical emaxmination. But my only problems is im colourblind n i was jsu wunderin if thi wud stop me from being able to join ????
  2. Apparently colour blindness isn’t your only problem…
  3. yh im from stoke :( i got the basics tho which i smore than most round ere
  4. :roll:
    Do they not speak English in Stoke?
    This isn’t a text message.

    There’s nothing you can do about being colour blind and they’ll either bin or pass you depending on how severe it is. It really isn’t worth worrying about as it’s out of your hands, you can however do something about your spelling.
  5. yh its not a txt message n its not skool either - its obviously for sad men who like cartoons
  6. Does anyone have a chav to English dictionary?
    I’m struggling with this one :?
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  7. Thn fck off lttl tsser n tke yr attitde wit u.
  8. no vigs you're right it's not skool. But it does help sad old men to understand if you don't use text speak.

    For the record it'll help if you ever want to get along in the inf.

    Well maybe it won't, but what the hell.
  9. What's a skool?? :D
  10. Maybe its chav slang for "everything is cool".
  11. No it was mistyped. Should have read STOOL. ie

    Vigs wrote:

    yes its not a text message and its not sh1t either -