Colour Blindness

`I was wondering if anyone knew anymore information about the limitations of colour blindness when going in as an Officer?
Does it completely disqualify you or does it merely limit which corps you can join?
I have passed my Briefing and I have my Main Board coming up in November, I have made it known that I am colour blind on my medical documents and as of yet nothing has been mentioned.
If you have anymore information please let me know.
Ah I had a list kicking about that I got from the MO down at Westbury but I can't seem to find where I left it. I do know that I posted it before on arrse for someone else who asked this question, so try having a little search
Household Cavalry - CP4
RAC - CP 4
RA - CP 4
RE - CP 3
R Signals - CP 4
Infantry - CP 4
UKSF badged and attached ranks - CP 4
AAC Pilot - CP 2
AAC non-aircrew - CP 3
RAChD - CP 4
RLC - CP 3
AGC: Other - CP 4
Int Corps - CP 2
General List - CP 4

CP 2 = perfect colour vision
CP 4 = defective colour vision, ranging from severe to mild

The grading between CP 3 and CP 4 is done with a 'Holmes Wright Lantern'

Again this is for officers and not ORs, although I doubt it differs that much

Was it this one? If so, CP 4 pretty much leaves everythign open? if i am understanding it correctly?
Thats the one! I got given the sheet last October, so its still pretty up to date.

If you pass the ishira test then you'll be graded as CP2 which means every job is open to you (depending on other medical factors). If you score CP4 then only those that say CP4 next to them are open to you. It does say that the lantern test is to be used to distinguish between CP4 and CP3 but on failing the ishira test they just put me straight down as CP4.
Ah ok that's alright then because my three main choices were
Royal Engineers
Royal Artillery

Howcome REME is CP4? i'd have thought Electrical would have meant you'd need CP2??

How did you get on? Did you go in? If so what Corps?
I honestly don't know on the REME front, just going with what the sheet said. Ah I failed the sixthform scholarship board, although my ACA did say that I was rather close. Now I'm just trying to build on my weaknesses before attempting the 'normal' route
Sorry to hear that, what were your weaknesses if you don't mind me asking? I'm trying to get as much information about passing selection as I can.
Was your sixth form scholorship similar to the briefing/main board selection?
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