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Colour "Blindness" Deficency

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Slx2005, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. I am 15 and 9 months and have signed up to the Army to become a frontline soldier, I would like to go into the parachute regiment, But my optician is certain that the Army would NOT accept me because I am colourblind I have taken the Ishihara test and I failed miserably at it but if I concentrate long enough I can just work out the edges of the numbers,

    I also have a meeting with the army on the 5th of September to discuss my application would they give me the information there and then?

    I havent taken the "Holmes-Wright Type A Lantern Test" yet but would the Army recommend me taking it?

    I think I am CP3

    My questions are the above and

    1) Will my colourblindess affect my choice of job?
    2)What are the jobs classed in CP3?

    Thank you

  2. I was categorised as CP4 at ADSC & this wasn't an issue as I was looking to enlist in the infantry.

    Someone listed jobs available somewhere recently in the medical thread / joining up forum I believe (for CP4).
  3. Thanks for that, I was really getting depressed because i'm very fit and intelligent and I was really getting pissed off that my colour deficiency would be my only flaw but your post has enlightend me, Ill search around for that list but I do appreciate it
  4. REs ...............Electrician worth a try, then go 9 Squadron RE for Para
  5. But I would like to be an infantry solider not an electrican
  6. Oh, sorry, just trying to help.
  7. You'll be fine:

  8. I didnt mean it to offend, I have had a bad experience with eletrical appliances recently and it out me off being an electrican :(
    Sorry if my post was a bit rude
  9. I'm not hurt, my cloak of facetiousness protects me from retorts! Good luck with whatever choice you make.