Colour Blindness CMT??????


I decided to join the TA (243 Field Hospital), I went for my medical and everything was fine except for the fact that i am red/green clour blind, it dont really see it as a huge problem to me in normal life. the Doctor who was doing my medical would not sign off my medical form becuase he wasnt sure whether i was ok with my level of colour blindess to be a CMT,i dont even notice my colour blindess in normal life, i think it is very minor. the doctor then looked in some army folder which stated which roles you could do in the medical regiments with my low level of colour blindess, and it clearly stated that i could be a CMT with even the worst case of colour blindess (CP4).

he is 'seekinhg advice' this week, has anyone had any experience with this or know of anything that might help?, any colour blind medics?

please help

James Scott
I'm also red/green colour blind.
I'm not in medicals, i'm in signals so i dont know how it affects your trade.
But there is a second test to do to see how bad the colour blindness is. (i assume you've only done the test where you say the numbers you see in the book)
The other test is a lamp test, where they flash different coloured lamps at you (i've never done it so i dont know the full details) but you have to go to a specialist to do it. I was told about it by the TA but they never asked me to do it.

Hope it helps
It can be an issue, but you'll probs have to get the lamp test. Urine analysis (and probs other test) require the ability to differentiate between shades of colours so it can be a problem there...and also if you think that the stuff pishing out of a Cas is green then it might be a bit tricky....

If it states in the PULHHEEMS manual that you are ok then it will be no problem. Doc is probably inexperienced and will be consulting with the Army Occ health bods. Was he civi or army? This does make a difference. Army ones tend to be a bit more confident in the interpretation of the manual and more aware of your role.
hello, iwent for regular selection, i was cp4, i wanted cmt, and cmt is normally cp3 (dont hold me to this ), the amp test is simple, just tell the nurse whether its green, white or red. im cp4, and i hate it, stops me doing alot of things. when i donmt even notcie it, blood is red, wot does it matter if its lue or white, ur still moping it up and pathcihg it up arent you?
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