Colour blindness as a bar to Int Corps service

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Starling, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Hello, I'm just looking for a bit of advice. I'm hoping to join the regular Army as an officer next year (I'm scheduled to take the main board in January) and the Int Corps is my first choice of service. Unfortunately, I happen to be colour blind which - as I recently learned from this older thread - is generally an immediate bar to entry. I've yet to have the Army medical but given my lifelong history of miserably failing the Ishihara test I'm fairly sure that I'll end up being classified as CP4 or at best CP3. Does this mean that I can pretty much forget about applying? I'm aware that the competition for entry is tough as it is and I'm not holding out too much hope of an exception being made in my case, but any advice from people already serving would be appreciated. Thanks all for reading this far!
  2. imagine a map with lots of different coloured markings. would you be totally buggered?

    if so, i imagine that's one reason why the corps is CP2.
  3. Given some of the map reading I witnessed, and other more spectacular navigational embarassment of which I was aware in the southern 3 Brigade area, I would say that should be no bar to entry. :D
  4. As we all know officers can't read maps so I would say being colour blind will not stop you from getting in. However if you were to join as a soldier then you'd be on a hiding to nothing.
  5. Well, when the border's marked in red, and your torch filter is red, the world's your oyster; even to Monaghan, a mystical place in the very early hours when the stars rise over the buckled rooftops and oddly green phoneboxes. Daylight, however, brings clearer vision, a degree of sadness and, somehow, an appreciation of man's innate frailty. You must be philosophical about these things.
  6. I suppose this will be the same philosophical twist where some former men-in-cars seem to have forgotten about their wet-look perms, tam-o-shanters, the tartan-contrast turn-ups on their Lybro Sea Dogs and check, horse-blanket, bomber jackets?

    Why ......I was told, one even stooped so low as to drive a Ford Capri![​IMG]

    We have long memories. These crimes against fashion will never be forgotten! ( Colonel)
  7. Sounds like East Det to me. Not to mention a number of other twee organisations rumbling and farting in the protacabin hell at HQNI. Colour-blindness would be a positive asset in a place where the air is pink and blue from costive retention and nonambulatory flatulence. Not the fault of the youths sent to man the keyboards there, of course, but of the cynical (and emphatically flatulent) old hands; the ambitious and the uncaring and the politically-bent.

    Personally, if I'd had the capacity to see a little less, I'd probably be glad.
  8. Nobody ever told me about colour blindness stopping you joining the Int Corps. I am CP4 and was Int Corps from 2003-2007, I am now in the REME as a technician where it was supposed to stop me, but I wasn't made aware of this until earlier this year on my final medical before leaving the phase 2 establishment when the Doc spotted it and said I shouldn't have been on the course but as I had passed it first time without any dramas, there was no harm done. It is supposed to stop me identifying coloured wires and resistor colour codes but this never seemed to bother me in the slightest.

  9. I was always taught the little ditty:

    Bye (Black) Bye (Brown) Rosie (Red) Off (Orange) You (Yellow) Go (Green) Birmingham (Blue) Via (Violet) Great (Grey) Western (White)
    (however, I may have mixed up the order of the Black and Blue and one of the "G"s may have been Gold, but hey I was only fifteen at the time and only interested in Porn and Girls)

    Come to think of it, Gold and Silver were separate markings of value.

    or the alternative
    [/u]but totally unacceptable racist ditty:

    B**** B******* Rape Our Young Girls British Virgins Go Without

  10. i am the same as i have a cp of 4 this barred me from being an apache pilot and aircrew. but it hasnt stopped me being a driver radio operator in the rlc.
    normal it is a case of each person is looked at in a case by case basis.

    it is always good to have a couple of well thought out second and third options thou when it comes to career choices
  11. Wash your mouth out, we never had glory days in our youth, we had fun.
  12. You forgot-

    d. cheerless, smug twits with a superiority complex
    e. potential Officers who can spot which thread to post in
    f. those who are just happy that they had the privilege of serving with some wonderful people


    I know this is for Soldiers, however who really thinks potential officers are treated differently?

    Clearly states CP2. Unless anyone knows anything else.

    They are the official rules. If you can bluff/lie around them (or have incompetent recruiting staff), then good luck.
  15. please don't feel the need to apologise - it's not an official Corps site.

    as one of the resident imbeciles, i'm content it was answered with the usual mixture of helpfulness, pisstaking and irrelevance.

    then i think you'll find your username should actually be "red_fields" :D