Colour blindness and Officer Selection

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 2lives, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Hello all

    I'm currently applying as a DETAPO.

    I'm not what I would call colour blind, as I can differentiate between colours, however I know I will fail the ishi-hara plate test.

    (Ishi-hara plates being those numbers and shapes formed by different colour blobs).

    I was hoping I could draw upon your experience to advise whether or not this would preclude me from selection.

    Assuming I get through DETAPO training I will then be ready for Unit selection. I'd imagine that not having perfect colour perception would prevent from going into Bomb Disposal but are there any specific Corps or Regs that wouldn't take me?

    I've read several threads that discuss this subject, but it would be good to have a definitive answer on this, as I'm quite sure I'm not alone with this problem. Perhaps the results of this thread could be added to TA FAQs.

    I look forward to your replies.

  2. Check your PM's
  3. i can check for you on wed as we're doing selection medicals at the mo and have two MO's coming who both know their stuff.
  4. Thanks 1-1-D
  5. msr

    msr LE


    Please can you get the file/JSP reference/para/subsection etc, as I would like to include it in the TA Forum FAQ?

  6. As long as you can see the difference between a red and a green beret methinks you'll be pretty safe :pissed:
  7. No, your not alone as I've just failed the Ishihara plates test for Red-Green colour blindness.
    The MO told me that the Ishihara plates were just a screening method and apart telling me that I needed to be reffered to have a Lantern test he didn't say much else.

    I wouldn't consider myself to be severely affected, I can distinguish between clear shades of red, brown and green but I can find it hard to differentiate between colours in the transition areas, red to brown and brown to green.

    I checked the FAQ before posting and seen nothing had been added so any extra information would be much appreciated.
  8. Colour blindness is more of a problem for the soldiers than officers for some reason. Make sure that the info you're given reflects that.

    As an example, RA Gunners can't be colour blind, but RA officers can.

    The criteria vary from arm to arm, so even if you can't get into your first choice, there might be other units that you could join instead with an equally interesting role.

    As to EOD, you're right. Shall I cut the grey wire, or the grey wire :D
  9. Ok so from reading those it seems that if you fail the plates then you have to do a lantern test which will be distinguishing between red and green lights?
    (I'm in the same boat as 2lives here)
  10. Interesting one this, i too am red/green colour blind. Failed ishihara, failed lamp test, specialist got a piece of electrical flex and asked if i could tell which wire was which, i could so he passed me but on my F-Med 4 shows as did not achieve standard (or something like that) - the Doc said i was technically colour blind but effectively not!!!!!!

    As has been said different cap badges have different standards, Gunner Officer can be CP4.