Colour blindness and logistics-type roles ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by randomeffex, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. I've always wanted to join the Army. I'm currently doing my A-levels and will be off to Uni in just over a year. I'll be studying Maths and then want to go to Sandhurst after that to train as an Officer.

    I like numbers and want to do something with Logistics but the problem is I'm colour blind. Completely colour blind I think - I can't see any of those numbers in the dotty circle tests, for example.

    I've spoken to an Army recruitment officer who said being colour blind was not a problem as they'll be something I can do.

    I've spoken to the online chat on the Army website who said that what will really happen is the medical examiner will explain more about what I can and can't do when I apply to join.

    The problem is, if this colour blindness is really going to limit the sorts of roles I can do, or limit how far I can take my career in the Army, then perhaps the Army is not for me. I would like to know this now so that I can think about changing my plans for the future.

    I'm looking for some real-world advice and experience here. Will being colour blind stop me working in Logisitics? Are there any other roles which are going to be off-limits to me? Will being colour blind actually effect things like promotion chances?

    Any comments appreciated!


  2. AFAIK, the only Logs roles that you will be excluded from are anything to do with ammo, which is colour-coded.
  3. It will just limit the roles you can undertake, but once you have a role it will not effect your progress in it.

    The the RLC you won't be able to go Ammo Tech.
  4. And Air Despatch
  5. see table one of this
  6. From Bob Newheart's "Bomb Disposal Expert": "OK, there are two wires in there. You have to make sure you cut the right one. One is a bluey-grey in colour, and the other is a greyey-blue. Don't cut the wrong one, Harry! Stop crying Harry....."
  7. Damn, the attachment failed. I'll have to sort that out later however the only jobs as an officer that require any better than Colour Perception 4 (CP4) are

    Royal Engineers (CP3)
    RLC (CP3)
    AGC RMP / MPS (CP3)
    Int Corps (CP2)

    Officers of any Arm employed as parachutists or attached to the PARA or the UKSF
    must conform to the medical standard required for entry to those regiments as either badged
    or attached ranks as appropriate.

    Port and Maritime Regulations may require CP1 (See MSN 1756 (M)) Seafarer Medical Examination
    System and Medical any Eyesight Standards (to be superceded by MSN 1822(M) dated 6 Apr 10).

    Officers who are to be employed in the handling of food are to undergo a special
    medical examination and be certified by a medical officer to be in a fit state of health in
    accordance with the policy contained in Chapter 4 to Volume 3 (Defence Food Safety
    Management) of JSP 456 (Defence Catering Manual. Food handling is not permitted until this
    process has been successfully completed.