Colour blind in the signals (likely cp4) restrictions?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RougeR, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. I thought it was more limited to the engis, but i have found that colour blindness could potentiall prevent me going into the signals as well, i have had a few informal interviews and am going to have a chat with a TA sig tonight.

    Basically what am i restricted in? what cant i do? im likely cp4 colour blind, but maybe cp3, never done the lantern test but im abysmal day to day and in the plate test.

    ideally im looking for something like:
    Information Systems Engineer - ARRSEpedia
    Installation Technician - ARRSEpedia

    I want as many skills as possible which will transfer over to civilian life.

    would also consider electronic warfare operator/specialist operator

    anyway i will likely get a comprehensive colour blind test from my optician asap, only had basic plate ones before and have not been classified. I score like 1 or 2 on the plate test.

    thanks. and hello all!
  2. Hello RougeR

    Colour blindness has been done to death before. You'll have to hunt around in here for the threads, which give full details, but I'm fairly sure that R. Signals don't find it a problem.

    Old Rat
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  3. i did have a search, always do before posting on a new forum. it was actually the guy in charge at my local TA which worried me, he said he thought there were more. Its also hard to find any up to date information.

    there was a thread or two saying something about cp3 for information systems and the wiki says that specialist operator is good for those who are colour blind, going to see the guy whos actually in the signals tonight, will see what light he sheds and will do some more forum trawling.
  4. Theoriginalphantom contributed this in Feb '09
    Re: Colour Blindness - What are the criteria - Advice needed

    The following are CP 2

    Royal Engineers
    ME (Heating & Plumbing)
    ME (Surveyor Engineering)
    ME(Draughtsman) (all)
    ME (Building & Structural Finisher)
    ME Electrician
    ME (Geographic Technicians)
    ME (Construction Materials Technician)
    ME (Fitter General)
    ME (Air Con & Refridgeration)

    Royal Signals (electrician)

    Pilot No direct entry for OR pilots


    Railway Operator

    Vehicle Mechanic
    Electronics Technician
    Aircraft Technican
    Avionics Technican


    The following are CP 3

    Royal Engineers
    ME (C3S)
    ME (Plant Operator Mechanic)
    ME (Driver)
    ME (Resources Specialist)
    ME (Armoured)
    ME (Combat)
    ME (Bricklayer & Concretor
    ME (Capenter & Joiner
    ME (Fabricator)

    Systems Engineer Technician
    Installation Technician

    Air Despatcher
    Marine Engineer
    Movement Controller
    Ammunition Technician
    Petroleum Operator

    AGC (RMP)
    AGC (MPS)


    If they are not on the list then assume CP 4 (soldiers only, officers are on another list which I can't be arrsed to cut and paste at the moment
  5. bleughhh, looks like im going to be trying to scrape a CP3 then, wouldnt need it for a civilian job equivalent.

    thanks for finding this.
  6. One of the lads on my course was red/green colour blind pretty bad on my EW course.

    Not sure what category his colour blindness falls into, but he definitely had it and is definitely an EW Sys Op.
  7. For the sake of this reply, I am assuming this is not a stupid question/Wah.

    If you can't differentiate between blue, grey and green; or red, orange and brown etc. how are you ever going to make or repair comms cables? It might not be an explicit requirement for equivalent civvy employment, but I bet it would make fault diagnosis a bundle of laughs.
  8. for things like hardware and software, i repair and setup network/computers on the side and as a hobby, very rarely do i run into issues. the only time i do is when im doing wiring diagrams for things like fixing a cable or working on the motorbike, even then i just ask and only occasionally.

    anyway my point is, while it may occasionally be an issue, you work round it. i personally dont see why they dont fuckin mark all the cables...haha.

    my colour blindness is red/green/brown and blue/purple
  9. yeah im looking at EW sys op...this i know i can do while colour blind, so certainly not all is just wondering how wells these skills will transfer into civvy life and if it s all about radios or if there is any penetration testing/networking
  10. You are a troll!

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  11. or a noob.
  12. Well, you need to read up on EWSO then.

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  13. I agree, the Army website and the description on the wiki here are a bit er vauge though, will have another look through, can you suggest any good sources?
  14. Search. I very much doubt either arrse wiki or army site says EWSO does penetration testing; except down Minnie's/ Eddies on a Weds night!!!

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  15. When I joined in '69 at Harrogate, a guy in my recruit troop who was slated to be a tech like me was red/green colour blind. He had been shipped to the REs by the end of the week. Hope he didn't end up doing demolitions :)