Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Chinook, Feb 1, 2002.

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  1. Chinook

    Chinook Crow

    Well now this is a fine idea...

    Where are all the expat Aussies and Kiwis working in the UK?

    Any good jobs OHMS with the British?  Any bad ones?

    Seeking anyone called Calkin, Blackman, Bellis,

    Go the black Caps!!!!
  2. Bellis believed to be back 'down under', after leaving our 'special' Sqn.
    Don't know others, RAF?
  3. Chinook

    Chinook Crow

    Army .... AAc, RAOC (bomb smacker)
  4. Have you tried Earls Court??
  5. Chinook

    Chinook Crow


    Blue, you are an  idiot ... everyone knows the expat Kiwis are all living in Knightsbridge now ......

    And the aussies are all in Suffolk I heard .....

    Earls Court!

  6. Well anyone who's been anywhere near London in the last 20 years can tell you. All the Australians are working behind the bars of our 'fine' capital. It must be something to do with not needing a work permit/visa or the close proximity of booze in the work place that does it  ;D
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Actually it's all bloody South Africans now (their economy has been falling apart since the ANC got in) where as the Aussies are all enjoying boom years and near full employment.  Incidentally, they ALL live in Putney.
  8. tots

    tots Crow

    Dont forget good old Wimbledon for the Zimbabwean contingent
  9. Wynn_Goyver

    Wynn_Goyver Clanker

    and brixton for the Nigerians
  10. Sloppy Link

    Sloppy Link Old-Salt

    Dave Calkin?   Left the AAC a few years back now, at least 5 maybe 10.
  11. Wynn_Goyver

    Wynn_Goyver Clanker

    He was'nt Nigerian
  12. But I know a man who was.

    Met him on a bus don't you know.
  13. Wynn_Goyver

    Wynn_Goyver Clanker

    I met one on the tube, he said" I say do you know the way" I replied yes! stupid bloody question!
  14. sinner

    sinner Old-Salt

    When are we going to cut loose the near colonials?

    "Scottish Defence Force" has a certain ring to it, even if all the mail would have to be re-directed to MCTC.  

    And surely Wales could fulfill some independant military role....NBC test area perhaps?

    And I still like the idea of "sign 'em all up and they won't fight us".  Mesopotamian Rifles anyone?
  15. PLOD

    PLOD Old-Salt

    Dave Calkin AAC? I do believe I have an E-mail address for him. Plod now, back down under.