Colonel wants to join my company. Is he real?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by MettaOne, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    Hoping someone can help me out here. I've received a job application from a colonel, he's told me he served a full career of 27 years and went to RMA Sandhurst however something doesn't add up, just doesn't seem right he doesn't seem like he's come from the Army and has offered no proof of his service even when questioned.

    So I'm out here in Hong Kong so it's likely place for someone to try and pass themselves off as something they're not.

    Is there anybody I can call to find out if he really did serve and what rank he may have obtained?

    Would very much change my decision on whether to offer employment or not.

  2. Did he not put his unit/previous employment on his CV?
  3. Check the London Gazette.
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  4. No, that was first thing that made me confused. Not even a corps.
  5. Hmm. 27 years service so, maybe 45 years old unless a graduate. Retired as a Colonel aged 45! Must be very good or full of shit.
  6. Is it this bloke?

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  7. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    can he remember his number ? drink like a fish expect you to make up his bed ? legit .
    As a mate of mine recently said " you just cant get an ex squaddy to shut up about his military service when you ask ."

    I make him right , erm have I tole you about my two silver VC's lately .
  8. So can't find him on the Gazette, what are the chances he did serve and got to the rank of colonel but isn't in the gazette? Is there an official channel I can go through.

    I want to be thorough because if it does turn out he's bullshitting I will have him put on a black list and he won't be able to be employed in my industry through out most of Asia.

    Also he's coming in for an interview on Tuesday so if he is a bullshitter I'm going to have some fun with him, any suggestions for questions he won't be able to answer that'd be fun!
  9. "Do you think the lack of map reading skills is a help or a hindrance to the career progression as an Officer?"

    "How many careers did you end in your insatiable climb up the promotion ladder?"

    Or more importantly . .

    "Tell me about your career in the Army? It's OK, you can tell me anything, I'm DV level cleared*!"

    *- May or may not be true
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  10. Sometimes it takes more than a quick search of the Gazette to rule a man out. If he's in for an interview, then ask him to look it up there and then, you know to help speed up your due diligence:)
  11. Leaving aside any potential integrity issue is it an essential requirement of this position to be 'ex-military'? If not, why is this such a big deal?
  12. Well first of all if he wasn't in during that period, what was he up to? And secondly, would you want to employ a pathological liar?
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  13. Why leave aside integrity? I know it's Hong Kong, but...
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