Colonel Tim Collins - The RAF should be abolished

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mazoldboy, May 12, 2006.

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  1. The First Post is running an article by Colonel Tim Collins. In it he outlines his argument for the abolition of the RAF.
    The full article can be found here
    The First Post
    Any one with any opinion on this??!!
  2. Is he trying to suggest the Army have it's own Air Wing like the US Marines have and fly there own harriers??
  3. what planet is he on.
  4. Their own Harriers, right?
  5. Maybe he didnt get enough book sales so he is writing another on the future of the RAF!!
  6. He says in the article

    "There is only one service whose work can be undertaken by the other two: the RAF must go."
  7. why do we need an air force when we have a fleet air arm and the army air corps anyway?
  8. Sounds like Tim's had some bad experiences at the hands of RAFP and movers. It hasn't hit Pprune's Mil forum yet, should cause a stir.
  9. Save a bloody fortune on hotel bills, room service and rent boys! :lol:

  10. What is he blathering on about? Yes I know we like to zip over to PPrune and wind up Crabair on this issue, but does anyone seriously want the Royal Air Force disbanded?

    What was the brief? "Come on Tim, write something controversial"? I'd suggest Sir, we've more than enough subjects that could be written on paying attention to the state of the Army, rather than diluting the pressing issues with a slap at the Light Blue?

    Personally,I think this takes us in the direction of "Canadian Defence Forces".
  11. So, abolish the RAF to employ a similar number of people in the Army/RN to do the work the RAF used to do - at considerable cost for change. Why not just keep the RAF?

    He's starting to lose it.
  12. OTOH, with the fun and games that they're having beta-testing JPA, perhaps the RAF will simply implode.
  13. You beat me to it! I was going to say when I saw this, 5 star hotels all over the country would suffer as a result! :lol:
  14. Why is it such an unreasonble idea? What does the RAF do that is unique?

    We dont for example have a seperate service for transport, or for armoured vehicles, or for the medical services. Why not simply hand all strike craft over to the Army, they're basically long ranged flying "artillery", air to air being air defence, and C130/C17's being transport.

    Nimrod being naval assets
  15. Joking aside, his proposal just wouldn't work for reasons that have been discussed many times on this forum.

    Merging forces was tried by the Canadians, and it was disastrous on many levels, not least that individuals retained their loyalty to their original service.

    It's a shame to see someone whose opinions I generally respect coming out with such drivel.

    And we seem to be managing very well without Col Collins, too.