Colonel Tim Collins on Tony Blairs lies.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EAGLE1, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Sky news 14/03/07 at 12:45.

    Colonel Tim Collins has stated on sky news today that:

    "Tony Blair is lying when he says parts of Iraq are now safe enough to withdraw British troops-the violence is now worse than ever-The british army is so over stretched that it simply cannot cope. Tony Blair was told not to get involved in Afghanistan- senior military commanders warned him- yet he took no notice. Now the British Army is dying on it's feet and young men are paying with their blood- Tony Blair has to answer for this".
  2. Very easy for him to come out with this as a retired man earning big bucks on after-dinner speeches.

    Would he have stuck his neck out while still in?
  3. Tony Blair will answer for this one day old boy. I say we take him outside now and give the boundah a damned good thrashing!
  4. Nice first post you absolute fool.
  5. Hmmm after reading his book I'm surprised Tim Collins didn't try and take all the glory of parts of Iraq being safe!!

    He has got a point though!!
  6. He did
  7. and look where it got him!
  8. As far as trusting, believing and following the gentleman officer or the other person it is no contest.

    One is a gallant, honest, proven leader and the other is a cowardly, dishonest, discredited, disbelieved, mountebank, cad and bounder.
  9. When Collins was serving, he couldnt say anything to be fair. Now hes out and is somewhat a minor celebrity/ having been on tv media, and skynews reports, he can be honest and express his views.

    Tony Blair will not suffer any repercussions because of Iraq. Tony Blair will, once hes gone from no 10, disappear from the media and retire from politics and go abroad perhaps to the USA..because of the God forsaken mess he has left this county in, that was once called Great Britain.

    Look at the past PM, l John Major, never hear about him anymore.

    Wheter Iraq was right/wrong thats one story...but Im more concerened about the total fcuk ups Blair has done here in the UK.
  10. The two of them will fight it out on the after dinner speech circuit!
  11. Colonel Tim Collins on Tony Blairs lies he'll be talking about him forever
    Bliar never stops lying
  12. Well I'd certainly pay to see that....

  13. Apart from when his affair with Edwina Currie came about!!
  14. Tim Collins says a lot of things about a lot which make a lot of sense!

    Unlike that last sentence!

    Tim Collins probably would have called TB a liar when he was serving it is just that no one was listening! Just look at all of us, we hate the b*stardand regularly call him a cnut but it never makes the papers!

    The system shafted TC now its his turn to shaft TB!

  15. The oh-so-sad fact is that the good Colonel (and I know him personally, and he is a very fine man) only gets rather few speechifying invitations, at modest fees, while Blair has seen to it that he has a lot of rich and influential luvvies waiting for his "retirement", to ensure a flood of high-paying invitations to speak internationally. The man (and his ghastly wife) are infatuated by the rich, and want to be two of them. He will make many millions from his memoirs, and millions more on the international celebs circuit - just as Slick Willy Clinton has, except Blair will make rather more.

    The loathsome and devious little man has actually nothing of real importance to say, while TC has quite a lot. But this is the way of this wicked world . . . . At least his old comrades will have the benefit of his remarks when they get together - a far more wholesome kind of social gathering than any Blair is likely to grace with his dubious presence. "A period of silence from the Rt. Hon. gentleman would be welcome." :pissedoff: