Colonel sacked for rebuke over visits to injured

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. This is worthy of reproduction...I will leave it to more informed correspondents to comment!

  2. mmmmmmmmm

    It sounds to me like Brig Bruce Brealey deserves and is lined up for, a good old fashioned media 'monstering', something that no amount of walting around staff college will have prepared him for.
  3. Brearly appears to suffer from triple-S (sloping shoulders syndrome)
    Bruce, you may delegate, but you can not abrogate.
    shame on you!
  4. Very unfortunate. Coloenl Clover seems to be an outstanding officer who has been wronged by Brigadier Brealey and one would hope that the powers that be at Land Command would reverse course and reassign Clover to duties fitting his rank and experience.
  5. Shame when a Brigadier General has to be reminded that visiting his wounded troops is not a job but an honor.

    Said one star is probably a hack and a political appointee. He should be charged with conduct unbecoming an officer and thrown into the darkest cell in the brig.
  6. How obvious that this was his duty? If in doubt, the Brigadier could have phoned one of the staff (as in Platoon type - yes Staff!) at RMAS. They would undoubtedly have explained his responsibilities in a clear, forthright and robust manner - Sir!

    I actually find this story incredible as most Brigadiers I have dealt with have at least the political common sense to do this sort of thing although they should be doing it from a sense of honour and duty.

    Incidentally the new Government spall chacker lacks the following words

    Honour, Duty, Honesty, Integrity

    Anybody think of any more?
  7. [/quote]

    Finally, an Officer with the balls to support the troops, tries to do the right thing and gets slapped down!

    Sir, thank you for trying to do the right thing. Good luck with the fight!

    Brig Brealey.......... "Do you think that your attitude and anyone who thinks like you may be the reason with have unhappy troops who feel a real lack of support and failing support from other quarters. Sit in your office Sir and FFS don't speak to any soldiers..........especially injured ones, you will only do more harm!"
  8. Maybe the Brig was only following the example of the Illustrious Prime Minister ,Tony B. Liar ? I dont think Teflon Tony even knows where the hospital is.
  9. What a t*sser
  10. I know I could have dreamed it but didn't he visit there recently, just after going to Hereford
  11. That was nice of him, after all the war started in 2003
  12. Quite

    I was just letting Oltimer know that Blair does in fact know where Selly Oak is

    Has Cameron visited the wounded, as a matter of interest??
  13. Julian Clover - cracking bloke and a soldiers soldier - seems like the Brig is a bit of a cnut. Good luck Colonel.
  14. Am I the only one on ARRSE who would not vote LibDem/Liabor because it's percieved as supported by people like "Sven [I'm so far up my own Arrsehole I cannot see reality]the tw@t"?
  15. Brearly - He is a gunner, need we say more? Obviously trying to follow in the footsteps of that other odious gunner Raper who singlehandedly caused the DLO to fail its 4* IiP accreditation. The Assessors thought hs staff were telling jokes when they told them about him throwing folders, briefs and all amnner of things back at them if he didn't like the content.

    Col Clover - Sir, if the media reports are true, congratulations for having the moral courage to tell the idiot what leadership and being an Officer is about.