Colonel (Retd) Bob Stewarts contributions

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by Herrumph, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Up until now I have been fairly neutral on the contributions of a/m retired officer. As a CO I know he was well liked, he gained the public adoration for a while but to some extent destroyed his own credibility with his antics. As a commentator he has produced a mixed bag of reactons from the public and forces.

    On the radio 10 minutes ago he was asked for his reaction to the extension of the free parcel scheme. After welcoming it he warned there was a downside because too many parcels would fill the aircraft and prevent ammunition and other critical supplies getting through to troops in combat!!!

    What an absolutely crass and stupid comment from a man who is supposed to know what he is talking about. As the Vice_President(?) of a the new body putting pressure on government, shouldn't he show some grasp what he is talking about. At best he looks rediculous, at worse he may deter people from sending parcels.

    Not so much Bonking Bob as Bonkers Bob.
  2. Maybe it was part of a cunning plan to bring to the attention of the media that Crab Air needs extra toys in the a$$ and trash carrying dept.
  3. Well I knew him,when he was in Bosnia,and even gave a lift to a certain Swiss lady from Split to a point near his encampment.I still have her visiting card somewhere.A good friend was OC of the attached Irish company.While there was much wonderment in the award of the DSO to him,his subsequent non jobs in Brussels etc,tell another tale.The reported comments,by him, about parcels displacing ammo on airfreight runs,do not surprise me!
  4. Not a great admirer of Bonking Bob, however he is not completely off beam with this one..

    The supply chain in the 'Stan is absolutely creaking, and any other stuff that has to get down to the FOBs will have to go on the air bridge. Even if they charter extra flights to get parcels in to KAF it will still have to go forward on C130 and SH displacing vital stocks. Mail for the lads is always a priority, but parcels, particulary unlimited ones, are a real nightmare...

    I suspect parcels will get held up at Bastion - this will cause angst, but frankly it will be inevitable.

    Very much a double edged sword - not a clever move at all and one that has, and will cause much hair tearing....!
  5. I missed this. Last year people in the villages were able to send free parcels out to a named person in Iraq and Afghanistan for redistribution to the troops can anyone help me with a name so we can do it this year? I tried on a couple of other threads but no reply. Villages did get some nice letters of thanks back.
  6. I first met him on Grapple 1. IMHO the man's a prize tit. Ever since he retired he seems to have been wheeled out by the media as some kind of 'subject matter expert' on all Army-related matters, often with the epithet of "commander of troops in Bosnia", which is at best a misleading title. I've always found him to be a total self-publicist and I expect we're going to fill many more threads with views on his comments, given his recent appointment.
  7. Such a sadness. A DSO during command, and, a promotion. Thereafter, or was it during, the 'funny muscle' took control.

    As far I can remember (Me: 1961 - 1997) this gallant officer was the first to 'take the uniform off', and allow the re-fuelling hose to thrash about.

    In my opinion it was the beginning of the end.