Colonel Hugh Hunter Jones

Saw this in today's Torygraph and thought the old chap deserved a thread of his own. He has died at the very respectable age of 90, and seems to have been a right card in his day. He was awarded an immediate MC at Tobruk too.


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Top bloke:

.....Despite the then very restricted drinking hours, Hunter Jones and a companion managed to visit all 50 pubs in 36 hours. His managing director had Hunter Jones's report on his desk by Monday morning and bought the brewery....
"..and later had a successful career in the brewing industry."

"One night Hunter Jones's vehicle was loaded up with a case of whisky and another of gin for his regiment. After being met by an Australian unit which took him to a transit camp for a few hours' rest, he discovered that one of the cases was missing. When the Australians denied all knowledge, he drew his revolver, pointed it at the officer in charge and insisted on searching the camp. The missing case was found, concealed under a cairn of stones, and grudgingly returned"

This man took his (and his regiments) drinking seriously!

Top bloke
Fifty pubs in thirty six hours, he deserved a bar to his MC. Sounds like a top bloke. RIP Sir.
Sounds like he was a real character.


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