Colonel Brian Court convicted of 3 counts of child abuse.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Schadenfreudefest, Sep 29, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Hampshire Army Cadet leader Brian Court jailed

    So what? Another ACF kiddie fiddler bla, bla, bla.

    Until you scrape away at his past:

    Colonel Brian Court (40) joined the ACF as a cadet in 1980 in Eastleigh.He finished his cadet service as the CSM for Z Company having served for a year as the Lord Lieutenant's Cadet for Hampshire.During his time as a cadet he successfully completed the UK Land Cadet Leadership Course and gained his Gold Duke of Edinburgh's award.

    He became an ACF SI in 1986 and in 1989 he spent a year in the Falkland Islands acting as a weapons instructor to the local defence forces.On his return to the UK, he was commissioned and spent seven years commanding detachments at Andover and Eastleigh.

    After serving as the Training Officer and Second-in-Command for Z Company ACF, He took command of the Winchester-based Company in 1997.It was with great reluctance that he gave up this command in 1999 to spend a year completing the Advanced Command and Staff Course where he gained his MA in Defence Studies - the only ACF officer to have ever attended this course.

    On his return to the ACF he acted as a County Staff Officer and was selected to take up post as the Deputy Commandant for Adult Development and Training in 2000.

    In 2003, Colonel Court left Hampshire to become the UK Defence Adviser to Lithuania. During this time, he has worked to develop links between the ACF and the equivalent organisations in the Baltic States.Whilst serving in Lithuania he was awarded the National Defence System Medal of Merit and the Riflemen's Union (TA/ACF equivalent) Medal of Merit.

    Colonel Court works for the Ministry of Defence (which explains his time in Lithuania and the Falkland Islands!) and is currently based in Andover working on Project Hyperion - the integration of HQ Land Command and the Adjutant General's HQ. He is married to Eleanor and they have one daughter (Amber) with another due in September. When not working, enjoying time with his family or being a member of the ACF, he likes to spend the limited time that remains reading, collecting militaria and "avoiding" DIY projects around his home.

    Colonel Court is extremely proud to be given the honour of commanding the County in which he started as a cadet.

    Let's hope MoD remember to strip him of hisCadet Force Medal!
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer


    Keep a lid on your petty behaviour in this forum or take it to The Naafi. This is a very serious issue.
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  3. Serious question here, what would a Cadet Serjeant Instructor be doing giving weapon handling skills to the Falkland Island Defence force when the Island has Resident Infantry and such like who can easily provide genuine SAA Instructors who've completed Brecon/SOI courses?
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  4. You don't appear to have scraped anything away there, merely reproduced his bio from Zoominfo.
  5. Yeah, this was a scary story for me because he was my Commandant when he commanded Hants and IOW ACF.
  6. This must surely put the ACF in the firing line for budget cuts.

    I have no doubt that some accountant in the MoD will be looking at the potential savings and cash from disposal of land and buildings that could be realised by disbanding the cadets.

    I should also imagine that they are calculating the potential legal costs and damages that this sort of thing will cause.
  7. I have to say, all his fidling aside, he's had quite a decent run; Cadet to Colonel.
  8. Maybe you have a face only a mother could love? Even paedos have standards, old chap... :-D
  9. I'd be more amazed by the fact you can't read; he did those things as an MOD Employee, not as an ACF Officer.

  10. I did wonder about that. Does anyone know the nature of his MoD position?

    Unlikely, wrong location, wrong age bracket..
  11. Really? So in 1989 MOD was so skint it needed to ship its CS staff to FI to be weapons instructors and so lacking in senior officers in 2003 that again it ships a CS to Lithuania as the UK's defence advisor?
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    OK children, let's start again.

    Schadenfreudefest, I'm sure there must be some forum around the web for disgruntled ex-ACF members but it isn't Arrse.
  13. According to his bio, "Colonel Court works for the Ministry of Defence (which explains his time in Lithuania and the Falkland Islands!) and is currently based in Andover working on Project Hyperion - the integration of HQ Land Command and the Adjutant General's HQ. "

    That's a bit out of date of course.
  14. You misse my reply to B and T boss...
  15. Is that her name, or some sort of sick grading system?
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