Colonel Bob Stewart as Frank Spencer ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Master_Sniper, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Did I just imagine a television programme with Colonel Bob Stewart in a Frank Spencer beret, resolving (attempting badly - UN style) neighborly disputes ?
  2. you didn't imagine it. what the fook was that all about then :?
    where do they find these people 8O 8O
    what was with the titfer???
  3. I saw it as well, utter bollox, and both the women were absolute munters!
  4. LOL....Colonel Bob in Civvies with a black (OR's) beret and the "product placement" was Jeep was pathetic

    Can We deport Canadians from Kent ?????
  5. Couldn't we just forcibly repatriate Col Bob , preferably to Bosnia
  6. Darthspud .... what to sort out disputes between housewives.

    Problem !!!!!! Who would replace Him as the "Military Expert" (on everything from foot rot to ICBM's) on Sky News ?
  7. Is this the bob stewart who was "allegedly" having an affair with his Bosnian interpreter? Maybe he is an expert on domestic disputes, or his book sales have dropped so he needs the cash and is prepared to wear a daft hat cocked at a jaunty angle for a couple of quid.
  8. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    . . . Tim Collins of course . . . (and here's where I do that depairing sound my 13yr old son makes: y'know - the one where you roll yr eyes, and do a sort of tsk-n'eugghhh/groan noise to indicate disgust and disbelief tha someone could be soo uncool as not to know even that simple thing . . . ) :roll:
  9. Have to admit I get mixed up between Tim and the ex-Genesis drummer
  10. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    . . . nah that was Michael Collins . . looks a bit like that Liam Knees-on actor chap . . . only wears funny hats in movies
  11. It's remarkable what these TV luvvies can persuade normally sane people to do for a bit more luchre. Bob now joins the Hall of Shame along with: -

    Hewitt, the bloke that tried to cheat on Millionaire, McNab and the other one that got away, anyone name any more?... what price dignity?
  12. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Well, there's Dick Strawbridge - the ulsterman with the handlebar 'tache, for a start, and Gordon Corrigan the historian: but I don't know whether you'd naturally include either of them in "normally sane" . . . :D