Colombia OTR!!

SRDG, He's back, lock up your interpreters !!

Seen in Hightown this afternoon, from the Kerry towards Red 37.

Wait out for result of crash meet this pm :eek:

Your current Random Sightings welcome here

( Where's mynew colour BTR 60pb slide!!!)
And all stations to Punta Arenas......

The sleepy cathedral town of Waltchester was rocking again on Tuesday night.  The Artist, formerly known as Yourman, returned for a one night only extravaganza at Waltchester's Xtal Rooms.  Staying true to his roots, Yourman entered stage, down a zipline, from behind the audience, to the tune of The Ride of the Valkyries, his old regimental march.  

Yourman, regarded by many rock cogniscenti as Sandy Row's answer to both Tom Jones and Brian Ferry, kept the audience on their feet all night.  Staying with his roots, his tearful rendition of "Born Free" took us to those early days on the road with the 7 Int Coy Threat Presentation.  The tension ran through the audience like electricity when Yourman asked the audience to define democracy.  The spotlight cut through the darkness and played amongst the audience before stopping on local farmer Harold Eywas.  Calmly, but clearly unprompted, Harold waited until the boom mike had stopped above him then thoughtfuly responsed
" for me, democracy means the promotion of personal freedom!"

Yourman clearly identified with Harolds position and led the respectful applause for the still shocked farmer.   A number of cameo appearances punctuated the evening, Jane Horrocks later said " I have always admired  Yourman and could not believe it when he asked me to tour with him.  He has certainly been a powerful influence on my generation, I know Robbie Williams' recent material owes a lot to Yourman's style"

Yourman later enthralled the audience with a joint performance with local illusionist Evan Simons of the Waltchester Magic Circle.  Evan and Yourman enthralled the audience with the Hostage Evacuation Recce Report Trick.   In this dangerous trick Yourman bravely spent 7 days on actuals in the Middle East and then produced a report from nowhere, without seeming to do any of the work!  The act closed with the amazing disappearing  map store key illusion.

The artists extensive charity work has gone unrecognised for many years, but at the end of his act he made a moving appeal for any Spanish speaking security specialists in the audience, to come and join his backing band.  The band  spends most of its time working amongst the underprivilidged in certain South American countries.

When asked why so many able and highly decorated people had left his backing band over the years, Yourman expained that some of the cases they have to deal with are so distressing, that even some of the most dangerous and desparate men the Army has known can only take so much.

Our reporter then asked Yourman  about his remaining reserve liability.  The Artist, still a tanned and youthful 39 years old, replied that he was always ready to serve his country and was ready for the call.  Curiously, certain officers in SO12 still seem to have difficulty in getting in touch with him.  Luckilly he was back here when this one went down

A spokesperson for the Defence Vetting Agency was asked to comment on the difficulty in validating Yourman's security clearance as he has been domicled abroad for so long.  Their response was" your call is important to us and will be answered when the next available representitive is available".

When not on tour or on charity work, Yourman  divides his time between Marbella and his villa in Miami.  
His Miami villa and SUV are both reputed to be far more oppulent that HTBs!! ;D

Post Script:   HTB

Campaign: 14 February 2003, page 36

"......Security Services International ( Hereford) is making merry with commisions to test the security of big companies such as big [ Ad] agencies and media owners.  It does this by staging mock-terrorist attacks and then reporting their success back to their bosses, leaving the poor security guards open for a b0110cking.

 As a sideline, Security Services International also spies on those people who are about to leave agencies, and are threatening to take all the big clients with them."
Does this service include b0110cking the guards as well  ???  

That'll be another legitimate expense account lunch in the Ivy, Coast or Dakota then ??
[Can anyone "quick join" from outside?]
Hot news from southern hemispheres!!

Devotees of the master will be keen to hear the latest news from the RAF Combat Survival School:

One of the DS there has been asked to proof read a draft of the master's seminal work:
The Garotte and Blade dilemma
Close Quarter Attack methods for the O2 diver

Can anyone else confirm if this is true and if and when it will be published?

[ The J2 shop at Waddington will be Buzzing over this next week, and I have already placed an advance order at Waterstones in Lincoln ]

And a happy new year to all ex slime who have seen the light and joined 51 Sqn

I've just spoken to his ex wife for the first time in 15 years :oops:
:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

All I dare repeat is that he was not up to the job between the sheets; from the very first night :wink:

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