Colloquial German

Does anyone know the current rules on the wearing of the Operational/Advanced Colloquial German badge? Thanks :?:
hehe thanks for that whiffler
another 9 then :roll:
looks like yet another 9
Chief clerk at 38 Hq sqn 26 Engr wore one upper right sleeve bout 10 mils from the top. And yes it looks like a target!
should have been on his left arm, but thanks for that :)
Every unit in Germany used to have loads of people with the badge but since the early 90s with Gulf 1, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afganisatan and Gulf 2 they have become very rare beasts. Mind you, it was always the case that the ones who did wear the badge were embarrassed into silence by people who could speak German properly that didn't.
ALWAYS thecase?

shome mishtake shurely?
engee said:
ALWAYS thecase?

shome mishtake shurely?
Okay, I missed off the 'nearly', but you do get people off the course who think they are native speakers and many lads who married German girls, never done the course but spend every weekend talking with her family are many times better than the badge wearers and aren't restricted to dodgy phrases about tank transporters. :roll:
Quite often a 'Hey look at me," "I speak Bratwurst lingo" as opposed to what it was meant for i.e. in the days where translation was needed and a 'target' could be identified and asked to translate. I was always quite annoyed that these were given a badge for speaking a language but now my fluency in English is recognised by a Union flag on my left sleeve...........dead chuffed.
agree totally, have met some who couldn't pass the basic course. Only 2 Colloquials in my Regt. and the other one was German (dual nationality) anyway
When I did it ('85) you had to do the course, even if you were competent enough. No idea what the score is now

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