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Collins/Windowlickers thread Veterans...

Gentlemen, I offer you a fun little target for our next invasion - some great fun to be had with the animal rights & student posse...

Go to here: (cut and paste rather than linked, as suggested further down)

www.address oxfordgossip.co.uk/new/forumdisplay.php?f=115

Gentlemen, in your own time, fire at will!

edited to remode direct link fior opsec

Could I just point out something. Links posted on web sites such as this. When they are clicked, there is a referer added. This is recorded in the target web sites log.

So link from arrse to, 'what ever'. Will show as coming from arrse in, 'what evers logs'.

Just a little, 'heads up'.

Do we realy want to give the game away that easily?
jinxy said:
Do we realy want to give the game away that easily?
And to be fair, most of them actually look like a sensible bunch. The animal rights lot are a bunch of luddies (often rather violent/disruptive ones) and the majority of people on that site are biting back to some extent.
If you're planning an invasion, turning up to join the Pro-test lot on the 25th is probably the best thing to do.
Guys , I would ask you not to go on Tiger Patrols.

1. They know where we come from , and it invariably attracts choppers back here who won't leave , because they are on a mission.

2. One or two of them could make the raiding parties look like proper c0cks , as happened with the Unwashed 75 epic, when people rocked up who were highly intelligent and eloquent, and did indeed make the instigators look like thick , ignorant c*nts.

Not a great idea guys. By all means, join their forum and diagree with their points, but don't go over there, simply to stir the sh*t , it has a habit of re-visiting this site, and some of the injured parties may wish to go beyond simply writing harsh exchanges on a screen.

Sites don't fall over purely by accident alone, as we've discovered in the past.

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