Collins - My Worst Enemy Was Jealousy

Would like to meet him......................wonder if he is going to do a book signing in London?
Was on Telic 1 and close at hand enough to see this 'wronged man' at work. Although his troops thought the world of him I witnessed him threaten an officer with expulsion from theatre for moving two chairs from his ops desk for the impending Bde Comds planning conference. Thought it was an over the top reaction from someone under pressure until he went and saw the officer in question's OC and actually demanded what he had threatened. One of several incidents observed over the course of the tour.


I've mentioned this before but I know a lot of R Irish types who really don't like him at all. I met him a few times and he seemed an OK guy, but I never actually had to work for him.


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I'm not in a position to make any comments on Col Collins, but I certainly belive him when he says he got no support from the 'establishmnet'. NuLab have created a culture of spin and backstabbing cronyism. Col Collins di not fit into the message, so natuarally all and sundry distances themselves from him.

So much for the golden thread of trust....
chickenpunk said:
I've mentioned this before but I know a lot of R Irish types who really don't like him at all.
Me too....
...... and (allegedly) written by the embedded Daily Mail reporter in his BG.
Never knew the bloke, probably had a bit too much charisma for the "establishment" and not PC enough. As for the Ops Room incident that Undercover officer mentions, I've seen enough Bde staff primas throw their teddies in the corner over similar trivia. Moral of the story - know your enemy!!
Just looked at my tea leaves.

They seem to say 'There will be an angry and irate PM in your inbox shortly PTP " :(
Either way, he was a breath of fresh air and upset the staid brass hats.

My kind of person, and I shall look forward to reading his book.

With the support he got, who needs enemies :x
Bad CO said:
...... and (allegedly) written by the embedded Daily Mail reporter in his BG.
oh no...the worst paper in the country
Gents is it the old story that we had with Col Mad Mitch in Aden.
An officer with strong views, already mainstreamed, for a later high position, comming into conflict with his superior/s.
We all know he must lose, one of the unplesant facts of the military life we know.
Innocent until proven guilty..............unless you embarass the Govt or do anything to upset the NuLab image machine.
It amuses me no end that the most famous British Serviceman to emerge in the last 10 years plus, and (I fully appreciate prior to the actual operation going live and therefore prior to all the real medal winning operational heroes for Iraq such as Beharry VC being known) and the man who was lauded the world over as a hero and an example to us all hails from the single most unfashionable socio-political, cultural and religious group in our nation and one that must have had the Neue Arbeit spin doctors crying into their mineral water- a middle class Ulster Protestant Unionist.

Take that you bed wetting, pc, anti unionist, republican terrorist appeasing lying labour tossers.
Blot... hear hear.

I heard when his Bn was in Armagh/Dungannon he insisted that the boys patrol in Caubeens and hackle - contrary to Regt dress regs. In CS95 its beret. Some of the Home Service chaps kept asking the 1st Bn boys if they were "TA" to wind them up. (Good old paddy on Paddy humour) Got to the stage the Bde Comd had to order him to get his boys to wear the beret!

Looking forward to the book anyway!
The Army likes boring little yes men who push paper around and fully support the party line which alot of the time is s!ite. Col Collins might have had his faults but they were none of the above

Never be more famous or receive more attention than the people above you they don't like it!
Never met the guy but there seems to be more than a touch of ego and victim status here. Still, could be wrong.

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