College to Army

youl go through the same recruitment process he just might act as an intermediary (cant spell i know!). and its a sixth form bursary hes talking about and they are a bugger to get hope youve got amasing gcse's and are applying for a position thats really short i no ammo techs get it. dont want to put you off just warn you not to rely on the money i mite be preaching to the converted but ema is always a good earner if your at college. (may aswell take everything they will give you because they will jus tax it out of you sooner or later anyway)
Hey, it's not ALL about whether you know people, maybe he could chat to one of his mates that's a senior recruiter or something, but they are paid to have integrity, not just pass someone for a favour.

Apparently so anyway.

All the best.
That public service course is crap anyway. You would be better off just going in the army now.
gazza1591 said:
aww well thanks
and yeah 'royal engineers'
i'm 16 i don't want to join up just yet i want to enjoy myself as a teenager
go out and have a laugh, then knuckle down afterwards.
Plus i don't think im ready physically or mentally for the change yet.
By doing the course i can see if i still want to progress a career aswell.
ah well i've got my college interview in about 3 weeks so i'll have another chat with him
thanks anyway
Being 16 is shite compared to being 18 :D
Animal_Mother said:
That public service course is crap anyway. You would be better off just going in the army now.
And you have a wealth of knowledge about said courses?

A talk with his mucker down the pub will not get you in. You will have to go to the recruiting office. How does he think you will get your medical or attestation. Also he is probably thinking of university courses bursaries and they are as rare as rocking horse shit. You could also apply to Welbeck (look it up).

If nothing else your college courses will give you additional bits of paper to go with the ones you already have. Depending on the course you do (BTEC or NCFE) you can also use it to go onto university if you change your mind or do not get in. But the course should get you fit and give you an insight to what is expected. All my students also state the navy entrance test as part of the course and some changed to the navy when they were offered a better job opportunity.

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