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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Never_Again1939, Aug 25, 2004.

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  1. This might seem to be a weird thread to post on the Naafi Bar, But I couldnt Find any place better than this...
    Anyways Has anyone Heard of St.Christopher College Of Medicine In Luton? I've got thoughts of Applying there, I would like to know if its a Good Med School. If it aint, what Good Univeristies would Accept Canadian Students?

  2. Having come from somewhere not far away from Luton, I would imagine you'd get some pretty good casualty-ward experience there :->

    (For that, I would recommend Edinburgh Uni - You get the same number of drunken broken & bleeding people, but at least they're spread over the whole night...)
  3. What about the Standards of Education there, Have u heard of St Chris?
  4. No sorry, but then I've not studied medicine :-( Sorry. Although I'm tempted by the RMA stuff run by the army.. If only I could stop fainting at the sight of blood.

    I did work for private practice doctors a while ago though, and they were quite, er, keen on 'redbrick' qualifications. If you want to be a practicing doctor, kudos says go to a more famous place that your patients will recognise (eg Edinburgh... there must be others, not sure which are famous in the medical world though!) and go 'oooh he must be good, I must write an extra zero on my cheque'.

    What qualification are you going for?
  5. Just a thought but maybe this could be better answered in the RAMC part of the forum?
  6. well Its kinda early to choose, But Ive got General Surgery,ER in mind (No, I never watched the series :p ) or Family Medicine (My Aunt is a Family Doctor, MRCGP grad too)
  7. Thanks, Ill check it out :D :D
  8. Its website is at:

    It's a private company of which I have never come across prior to your post, with campuses in Luton & Dakar, Senegal. Therefore my advice would be to be very careful if you are thinking of applying there. It might be pukka, but I don't have any information about quality of teaching or success rates.

    If you want a list of all the academic institutions that teach medical degrees log onto the UCAS website at:

    Go to the Quick Links dropdown, click on Course Search and on reaching the search engine type in Medicine.
  9. Also some background and discussion at:

    and here:

    Also, the GMC have a website, and this page: might be of interest.

    In general, I'd say that if you wish to practice in the UK (and if the GMC recognise the qualification awarded) you'd probably find that your post-uni career would benefit from your having gone to a University or college recognised by UCAS (as per neanderthal's link above).

    The answer to your last question will be 'almost (if not) all of them'.

    Also, as overseas students pay higher fees than home or EU students, UK unversities are very keen to recruit them...

    As another suggestion, Birmingham is also pretty good.
  10. we dont have ERs in England, we have A&Es and Casualties. :roll:
  11. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Same in Scotland and I think Wales and Northern Ireland, so perhaps easier to say 'here in Britain' :!: :lol:
  12. Different wording, same meaning Right? :?
  13. good point, i stand corrected. :D