College Concession for ex - HM Forces

If you study a Level 3 (A Levelish) course at Durham College and have served in
HM Forces for four years or more there are no fees.
I don't know how widespread this concession is, but it may be worth anyone
enrolling for any college course asking if the concession applies.
Do you have a link for that?
i know that you can get your tuition fees paid for a degree if you have served for min of 3 yrs and don't already have a degree
It was a pamphlet through the door from Durham County Council.

"I am studying my first full Level 3 qualification and have left the British Armed forces after completing 4 or more years service or have been medically discharged, due to an injury in active service, after completing basic training."

E Mail Address: 03000 266 115

It may be worth asking your local Authority why they are not treating Veterans in the same way as Durham.

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