college camping trip and expedition skills... kit list help!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jason_2000x, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. after easter at college ill start expedition skills, it will include outdoor navigation, teamwork, leadership, communication and fitness endurance...
    been given a kit list and have done a quick (well...) check on how much it would all cost, and was wondering if you could give me any tips on the kit and on the hiking and camping side of it,
    the list is (long) as followed (with peice that iv found)

    poncho - £9.95
    camping stove - £11.95
    waterproof jacket + trousers - £19.95
    survival bag/tin - £11.95
    gaiters - 14.95

    flask - £7.97
    pockter knife - £6.97

    rool mat - £5.95
    sleeping bag - £34.95
    knife, fork and spoon - £1.75
    plastic mug - £1.99
    torch - £6.95
    water bottle (but im going for a 2.5L bladder bag) £8.95
    refuse bags - wouldn't a tesco bag do...?? :x

    first aid kit - £11.95

    it wont all just be used once, the unit will be quite a few over night camping trips plus a week long camping/hiking trip at the end of the unit...

    all these are from ...

    if you know of any cheeper stuff, any thing on the lsit the please link...

    cheers for any tips and help you can give me...
  2. Mate, ye shoulda put this post in the Training Wing or Adventure Training. It'll just get ripped to shiz or put in the arrsehole in here 8O
  3. hip flask and an Mp3 player will help pass the time , where abouts you expeditioning?
  4. moved to training wing
  5. Hello Jason,
    if looks are not important
    look into
    here're some savings

    waterproof jacket + trousers>>>> £10 (vs. £19.95, and you get a cozy norgie in the deal... or even £8 if you can live without the norgie)

    rool mat >>>>£3 (vs £5.95)

    sleeping bag>>>> £10-15 (vs. £34.95, depends if you want a big down filled 58 pattern, or the lighter -albeit more expensive- jungle bag)

    knife, fork and spoon>>>> £0 (vs. £1.75... just take some from your place and get a freezer -zip'loc- bag for storing them... or -depending on the length of the trip, just use disposable ones -free from any cafeteria-.... lastly, if you know what kind of food you'll have, and a spoon fits, just take a spoon)

    plastic mug - £1.99
    water bottle (but im going for a 2.5L bladder bag) £8.95
    >>>>Just spend £3.50 in a 58 patt WB (with mug)... not sure about bladders (prone to puncture, etc, unless opf good quality)... when we DS was a scout, aluminium canteens were the rule, but go with a plastic WB and you will not go wrong

    refuse bags - wouldn't a tesco bag do...?? :x >>>>Indeed, I think so

    first aid kit - £11.95
    >>>>Don't carry what you do not know how to use...
    unless 1st Aid Trained, stick to a simpler kit (plasters, etc. highlander kits are less than 5 pounds on ebay) and fill it up with any medicines you might be taking, as well as some aspirin, anti diarrheic and other OTC pills (you probably already got them or, if that fails, try Boots or any other pharmacist's) Mild antihistaminics could also work there

    Cheers and have fun camping


    PS: You could probably fetch an OG Poncho on Ebay for a fiver...
  6. hertfordshire, harmer green woods... :? (any info on this place?)

    cheers DS, looks dont matter,
    just thinking that i get some top-noch stuff then would come inhandy when i sign up in summer 07...
  7. Jason, can you tell me (roughly) where this expedition will be conducted?

    i realise that college courses have to be inclusive, but i fear that such a kitlist would fail to cut the mustard at any acredited outdoor centre.

    the sleeping mat is far too thin - pay about £15 - £20 and you'll get the benefit, you'll also reduce the qualtity/quality of the sleeping bag you need. personally i wouldn't bother with the poncho unless they require a basha-type structure, given the choice go for a 'bothy-bag'.

    take the stuff on the list and you'll be fecking freezing, you'll probably not sleep at all and you'll be in shit-state for the rest of the day.

    hit fleabay for great prices, takes some paitence though - your best best is badly spelt/worded item titles so everyone else passes over them or auctions that end at 3am so the other bidders aren't around when you make a sneak bid.

    Lidl and Aldi often have decent offers, Merino baselayers for £5, flasks for £4 - another good start is, they always have good offers on both basics and High-end kit.

    personal favourite is - headtorches for £5 and 3 season down bags for £60.

    hit the outdoor websites - (can be a bit prissy) and for more ideas. you've got some time, so just browse, read, and touch and feel in shops, and then make decisions based on where you're going, what you're doing, the weather conditions you could reasonably expect and what safety margin the cousre uses and what 'shit hits the fan' kit they bring.
  8. To continue the thread about my up and coming college camping trip and expedition skills classes at college.

    Camping trip – between 27th and 28th of February in Hertfordshire, and will involve outdoor navigation, teamwork, leadership, communication and fitness endurance…
    I am asking for you views and opinions on the following kit list that has cut out the things that I don’t need to buy as college will provide them, and tips on the best way do the hike…
    Ripstop poncho - £9.95
    55litres rucksack - £44.95
    waterproof trousers - £9.95
    waterproof jacket – £14.953
    330ml thermos flask - £7.95
    180cm x 50cm x 10mm roll mat - £5.95
    knife, fork, spoon (im not allowed to take my ones from home lol) - £1.75
    folding camping cup 250ml (not allowed to take mine either) - £1.49
    set of 3 mess tins - £1.96

    All these are from and come to a total of £100.45

    Iv found a soldier95 ripstop jacket, soldier95 trousers and combat pullover for £29.99

    so it all come to £130.44

    Please send me advice for the hike, kit and on the following expedition skill lessons…
  9. Jason,

    As you are going on a college trip the teaching methods are more likely to be civilian based rather than using military techniques. The Mountain Training Leadership England organisation is the recognised body that regulates hill walking and mountaineering in England. If you want to read up on the skills lesson that you should be taught then get hold of a copy of ‘Mountaincraft and Leadership’ by Eric Langmuir from a library. This is the classic text for Mountaincraft.
  10. our tutors are ex-army, and ex-RAF regt (yer i know) so it more lickly to be more of a military techniques because its waht they know...

    iv been told about the wearing a thin pair of socks in a thickpair to spot rubbing... any other clever ideas?
  11. would it be warm enough to wear a rip-stop jacket with just a hoodie (not chav one by the way) and a top under? or should i wear thermal shirt with it...? (prob be best to pack one though)

    and should i wear some long-johns under my soldier95 trousers?

    would you say that buying and wearing soldier 95 trousers and jacket for hiking/camping and expedition skills which will very little in-class work and out side... (module starts after easter)...
    is this walting or just pratical?
  12. Hi Jason,
    If I were you, I'd avoid anything in DPM. I'd also avoid anything 100% cotton in a situation where you may get wet.
    Cotton is worn in the military because of the danger of melting synthetic fabrics in a combat situation, but while its certainly the best fabric to wear in a dry environment, if it gets wet it takes forever to dry.
    Go military style, certainly, as who wants to mince about in day-glo, but look for polycotton and olive drab or plain subdued colours.

    I found this site, they sell a "polycotton, windproof, lined, action trouser" ok, its blue, buts its only twenty quid, and its probably perfect for what you'll be doing.
    They've also got plain black combat jackets for a little over twenty quid and some decent looking fleeces starting at thirteen quid.
    In the woods in Herts in Feb, you should be ok in a thermal T-shirt, fleece and combat jacket. Go for a loose fit, and if its really cold you'll be able to layer up with an extra fleece or jumper. Dont forget a hat, scarf and gloves.
  13. Small saving but it helps steal the diggers from the service station when you stop!
  14. Sorry stumbled across this thread whilst looking for something else and all I can say is if you can get to one go to Decathlon and you'll get all you need at next to nothing and its all bombproof