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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Wallace1995, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. hey guys

    I've just been given an offer at Myerscough college near Preston, I've already been school and just finishing my last year of sixth form. My initial plan was to join the regular army this summer after my final exams and Myerscough was a back up. Now that i'm starting in september for a 2 year course its going to mean not joining the regulars for 2 more years which gives me plenty of time to really boost up my fitness and get more qualifications.
    The course i'm doing next year is weekdays 9AM-5PM and its an hour and a half journey each way.
    Does anyone reckon i'd be able to join the TA for the two years at college ?

  2. Yes
  3. including the training? I'm just concerned about one clashing with the other
  4. There will be plenty of chance to get the training done during the summer when your college will be closed.
    Or you could join one of the national TA units that don't have a drill night during the week. But may require some transferable skills.
  5. ah fair do's then
  6. [wide eyed look]College,.....9 to 5???[/wide eyed look]

    By much personal experience of college and uni I think you will find that you will not actually be attending or in classes 9 - 5. Colleges put this kind of thing out and about, the requirement for a course to count as full time for govt funding is that it is around 16 or 17 hours a week of contact time with a lecturer/teaching staff. You, as a conscientous student, will then make tht up to 40 hours a week by spending time on personal learning and research, in the library, lab, workshop or pub. That means spening time at home reading etc, etc,.......

    Unless it is a huge TA commitment, TA THEM for example, I don't think you will have a problem
  7. well having been through a sixth form college already i thought that 9-5 sounded a bit far fetched but thats just what i was told
  8. Pretty much everyone else in the TA manages a full time job plus TA training so I think you will cope
  9. Mate its how you manage your time. I joined the TA around the same time I started University and coped fine.
  10. If the college says the course is 9am to 5pm, believe them. There may well be times during that envelope that you're not required to be in college, but Sod's Law states that you'll finish at 5pm on a Drill Night or a Friday.

    You say that the college is 90 minutes away. Although that would make the timings quite tight if you were to return home, there's nothing to stop you attending a unit that's close to college, particularly if you drive and thus are not reliant on public transport.

    The TA can be habit-forming, taking precedence over other parts of your life. Be aware of this and remember that your priority is your college course. You can slow down to tick-over in the TA while you're at college. You can't slow down to tick-over at college while you're in the TA.

    You're 18+, so I'd presume that you'll want some spending money while you're at college. Don't rely on your TA pay for this. It's good to have some cash building up in a bank account that can be used for luxuries but these are casual earnings in that you may not always be available for training and the training may not always be available for you. Unless you have other money coming in from somewhere or have generous parents, you may want to factor college, TA and a part-time job having demands on your time - as well as fitting in any social activities that you may have - oh, and sleep.

    I'm not saying "Don't do it", just be aware before you start of the demands on your time. The TA can be very personally rewarding but it has demands. I've enjoyed it since I joined at 17 but having just passed the upper age limit, there's little tangible to show for it - mates and memories could have been gained with a different organisation (though maybe not the locations in those memories!) - and there have been a few rainy days that have been weathered by the cash in the bank.
  11. oh well its worth a try
  12. Yes, go for it - but don't be afraid to say "It's taking more time than I have, I'll come back in a couple of years".
  13. If your doing farming/countryside management you "may" have to do early/late duties & weekends.
    But you could always ask the college that, a lots changed these days and not for the better!