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To try and bring this on track - to actually discuss something vagely sensible.....and to try and bring order fron chaos.....

What is individual and collective trg like at unit level now?

Reason I ask is that "when I" was a Troopy... we had the ability to go to Vogelsang as a Sqn, complete intensive range packages, carry out live firing anti ambush drills (OK one of my soldiers was shot during that one - luckily I wasn't there at the time or running the range!) and even do Pl attacks using blank and pyro. Hard work, bloody good fun - loads of bonding sessions as well involving yellow handbags - showed up leadership - good, bad and ugly.

Am now in an All Arms Trg environment and get the impression that the RLC don't come out of it well when it comes down to individual skills.....entirely due to lack of funding? Which is the impression created here.


No more - he has his medals on upside down or I don't like chefs*, ATOs*, Trogs*, chunkies* other* (*delete where nec) it is extremely dull.
At my current unit both collective and individual training is pretty scant.

Very difficult to achieve as it is a training establishment with an intensive curriculum. Between terms it’s leave, course preparation, adventure training or the grind of performing like seals for the never-ending official visitors.

The only military training is ITD week, which really makes a mockery. Straight in no continuation training.

This all a big change from previous working RLC units where, as you mention, good quality, and dare I say it, fun, military training was carried out.

A lot of individual RLC posts with Teeth arms seem to have a proper job to do, rather than train for war. So maybe this is why they fair badly in a joint environment.
As a UTO, UWTO and Trg Wing IC at a major Unit. I would say individual Training is non-existant - ITD's are a start state not the end state. CO s need to realise this and not just worry about stats - those people you send on ops poorly trained are the ones whose efforts get you your gongs. Collective training is fair apart from the fact that going on exercise to practice setting up log installations is great - but what about exercising as a regt/sqn using the current climate as a scenario builder for a change. Insurgents are the threat to most ops we are on now but yet the first trg the lads have on this is at optag and I would say this is too late.

The Trg bill fro the army has been reduced with all suffering as a result, however what we have now during trg years is no money to train with.
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