Collective Punishment of SuTs?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. Thought this was strictly banned?
  2. What if the whole platoon fcuked up?
  3. S-U-Fecking- Ts what is the world coming to
  4. You,who art the SME(allegedly) on all matters SUT ish ask this here,for what reasons?

    What have you done...........
  5. I never understood why 'recruit' was binned? It's hardly offensive
  6. S-U-T sounds a bit too much like S-U-S in my opinion. I know they live very similar lives, but even so.......
  7. I guess someone has then?
  8. What I've done is overheard a conversation last week in a Leeds pub between two young lads, one of whom was clearly a Regular SuT at Catterick.

    I heard enough to make me realise that collective punishment was still being doled out, despite the complaints made on the feedback forms.
  9. Feedback forms?!! Are you shitting me??
  10. I thought collective punishment was just part of the package
  11. You overheard two Recruits/SUTs talking on a weekend whnging about how badly treated they have been!!
    I would take that story with a large pinch of salt!

    What was the full story?

    I am not saying it doesnt happen but Recruits/SUTs do have a tendency to blow things out of proportion.
  12. Been around for years.
    I keep putting down Soft loo role and to be gently woken up in the morning by a French maid with breakfast and sexual favours. Neither has materialised yet so I can concluded that no one reads them (or there is no budget for French Maids).
  13. It's part of learning responsibility for one's own actions. Along with PAL, it's to be encouraged. (PAL - Pain Assisted Learning).FFS, we want trained soldiers not social workers.
  14. So...they get a card at the end of training asking how it went??

    I can see it now......

    Beastings.....loved 'em
    Training screws.......bezzers
    Exercise........I always liked camping, and sleep is over-rated anyway

    A+ Can I have another go?