Collective punishment and may reoccur

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by germland, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. I want to find out what is the best way to approach this as the Sqn I'm in has been threatened with other forms of collective punishment on parade by OC.

    Today we had one which he insists will occur again if anyone steps into his in tray on Monday morning regarding bad behaviour over the weekends in the bars, assaulting others / starting fights or any more block damages.

    Today was only PT at 1600, so boo hoo, this doesn't bother me but when he very openly threatens everyone in the sqn with exercises over the weekend and further should other incidents occur.

    Its this collective punishment and/or late PT parades on Friday.

    Over the prior months many have reoccurred or messed up on a weekly basis, with the OC dishing out AGIA's, ROP's and charges.

    Its' really not that many doing it but has the power gone to his head? To everyone it seems he doesn't want the paperwork any more and to me this is very unfair to continue with more collective punishment.
  2. Use the CoC.
  3. Have you tried not acting like cnuts? Old fashioned I know.

    Is this Gutersloh by any chance?
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  4. Not sure how helpful the CoC will be, CQMS ... sounds like it's common knowledge that the lads in this sqn are particularly lively, and the OC's getting like this precisely because he's got the CO breathing down his neck.
  5. Blanket punishment was a way of getting the fuckwits sorted out by those that wanted to get on and do the job.

    Frowned upon nowadays but doing a little extra PT is hardly punishment!
  6. How about you collectively get a grip of the ***** that are getting you in trouble?

    Unless you're in the RLC
  7. The correct thing to do is not get caught even if they are ***** however, the CoC is the proper answer. The OC just needs them in a field freezing their tits off until they behave, that'll get the NCO's motivated.
  8. Now that is a punishment
  9. It would be for a normal human being......but the RLC don't even realise that they're sub-human mongs.
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  10. This does sound a bit shit - block damages you can do something about. There should be a block Corporal who should have responsibility for your accomodation - go to him and ensure he knows that you will back him up if he needs it. I am sure you know who the hard buggers are in your Tp/Pln. Bring them on side if you can as well - I am sure they are fed up with it too.

    You don't have to threaten violence - if everyone knows that their peers within the unit are sick of getting home late on a Friday then hopefully the ********* will wind their necks in. If they don't then hopefully the Corporals should start to approach the Sgts and get some AGAI action started. (There is nothing wrong with this - it's not grassing, it's looking after your home FFS)

    Not sure what you can do about the drunken assault and bad behaviour - some people will always act like ********* when they have a few pints of wife beater down their necks. All you can do is hope people take the hint and wind it in a bit.

    Keep a diary of exactly what is going on - what happened to provoke the punishment, what you as a unit got for it. Be as exact and objective as you can. If it carries on, ensure there is nothing in it to identify you and consider sending it up the chain of command anonomously (ex sp)
  11. That explains some of the bone threads started here, ARRSE is inundated with RLC mongs.
  12. My first inclination was that this has to be a wah. Just in case it isn't then the best way to approach it is to stop whining like a 4 year old girl whose just lost her Barbie and get a grip of your worthless self you utter tool. If the children (RLC soldiers?) misbehave then the chain of command is not only entitled but expected to deal with them in a robust manner. If you stop being such a pathetic little pile of faeces then perhaps you will be treated like a grown up. Maybe you hadn't realised that you were in the Army and instead thought you had somehow enrolled for the Little Puddlington Brownies?

    No, on second thoughts, I'm being grossly unfair. You are being victimised and I'm sure there must be a special helpline somewhere to deal with exactly your kind of issue. I hope that, despite this unjust adversity, you will continue to be a brave little soldier.
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  13. You know Cpls, even LCpls, can actually AGAI off their own bat...
  14. You sound like the sort of snide shit from whom we used to take great pleasure by filling in after a night on the town.
  15. You sound like the sort of drunken moron who kicks off in a kebab shop after 4 pints of stella. If you were a civvy who did that then we would be castigating that sort of behaviour on here - especially if it were civvy v's squaddie.
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