Collections in the workplace

Today, I got absolutely p*d off with a collection in my workplace today. This time it was for someone's 50th Birthday for God sake. Not a week goes by without a collection for somebody. I just can't be arrsed giving.

I then come up with this idea: I have put a collection jar on my desk solely for the purpose of raising money for the ABF. So when these parasites come cadging money, they will get "You donate to my Charity and I will donate to your collection". Should be interesting.


War Hero
Have an ABF collection tin on the corner of my desk, even though I'm about to change it for a Chelsea Pensioners one (my chosen charity this year, getting some brownie points in for future accom needs!) :p

You would be surprised how many people chuck some pocket shrapnel in, mind you not sure if a civilian environment would be like minded. :?

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