Collection for drummer Lee Rigby's Family

Hi Guys,

The site is at, every penny that comes through is passed on to Lee's family directly. They can choose to do what they want with the funds, use it for the young lad's future or donate it to a good cause in the name of Lee. Whatever they choose it's up to them.
Ok I have deleted the post at the moment, if it is going to cause distress to the family then we won't collect for them.

I'd rather debate it here before causing any distress to this family. So I ask people on here, would people want their family to receive voluntary funds if this was them.

I'm not being flippant but you may be surprised just how much people out there want to help.
You can't just give people money, they'll have to pay tax on it for a start.

Send it to H4H.
You can't with JustGiving but you can with this our setup, you can give gifts tax free though. All that can be sorted later on. Our aim is to give this family enough so they can focus on grieving and not worry about anything else.

If people think it is going to cause upset then we'll drop it.... no problem.
GreyWing, crack on with the collecting!
Cheers mate, one person did raise a very interesting question and it did stump me a little and I genuinely don't know the answer to it...

"There were considerations that needed to be given to the question if we are putting one families tragic loss above another. I know where people are coming from and that one families loss is no more or no less more important than that of another. By moving forward with that site and if it is a huge success, are we maybe unintentionally pitching one family against another? For example what happens if someone falls in Afghanistan next week and their family doesn't get 20% of the donations?"

Obviously this is an extraordinary incident but how does anyone answer that? I'm struggling, would we be hurting the next family by doing this?

Our general aim was to simplify things and give any donations direct to the family. It has turned out to be anything but simple.
As is usually the case, best intentions and all.

At least you are trying mate.
Cheers mate, there were a couple of donations in the hour or so it was live. I have refunded them and I'll donate something personally to them when time allows to get it to them. Perhaps too many moral questions to be answered when things are so raw and so short a time. We'll keep the site off for the meantime and perhaps revisit the issue in the coming weeks or months and do something in his name. I know a few of the guys on our site over at were just as concerned and asked me to pass on their thoughts.

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