Collection for Combat stress at Assembly Hall in Norwich

On the 15th of June between 10am and 4pm My husband (Goldwingtaffy) and I are going to the Asemmbly Rooms in Norwich as part of the Carers awareness day, we have been invited to have a stall for Combat Stress as they have thier own carers group (Just for us). As a carer myself I am to aware of the strain of looking after someone with a Mental Illness, and I have seen first hand what wonderful work they do helping ex-services, all only by monies donated.

Goldwingtaffy suffers from PTSD and is a client of Combat Stress, he is also doing a sponsered walk to try and raise funds for Combat Stress and awareness to plight of ex-service personnell with mental illnesses and the affects it has on other family members and friends.

We would like to get as many people to come and to support as possible due to the fact very little is known about this Charity and how hard they work to help the ex-services, so the more monies and awareness we can bring all for the better.

So if it is at all possible it would be great to see some of you come and support us.

Kindest Regards


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how did the collection go ?
Hi Goatman,
Sorry did not reply sooner the comp has been playing up.
The Collection did not go well at all. I think it was more to do with the location of the venue.
We did get alot of interest firstly by our local NHS. They took a few posters to use and some newsletters too.
We did manage to advice one veteran, I do hope that he does go to them for help.
I am trying to get a web site up and running for the Carers of Ex-service personnel, but I am not having much success at the moment.
Yes I will donate,

Sorry, I didn't see your thread otherwise I'd have dropped by.

Assembly rooms aren't great - too out of the way and people get scared off by the garden out front etc...

Much better to ask if you can stand at entrances to Chapelfield in future - no point standing along gentleman's walk as you'd be fighting off all the other charity people.

Also recently they did have some TA and regs outside the Forum with tents, landies etc... perhaps trying to set up the same time as them with your own combat stress stand would be an idea?

Let me know if you give it another go

We were invited by MIND as it was Carers Week and as I am a Carer for my Hubby, and they wanted to bring awareness of Combat Stress as not many people have heard of them. It was very quiet I dont think the event was adertised, just a few posters and word of mouth.

I think people think if it's not them they don't want to konw.
My Hubby has became ill in Jan 2005 and has now been told he has probably been suffering since 1982 when he was in a pub bombing.
We got together in 1997, and I am 10 yrs younger than him, I knew nothing about what had happened, then I was only 11.
I dont love him any less for being ill, but we have lost alot of friends who are my age because they do not understand and want to stay blind to the situation that is happening around them. My son is joining in Sept and I want Combat stress around if he needs them.
I cannot thank them enough for what they do for my husband and if that means I have to go out and MAKE people aware that they are helping Ex-force so be it. As far as I am concerned Combat Stress should not be having to beg for funds they should be given it straight form the government, but that is my personal opinion.
I find it hard to understand sometime but if I am not sure then I will ask, that is partly because I do not have any military background Im a soft civvy.


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