Collation worksheet: The NFDK organisation

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Shhhhh!! This will probably get deleted by the Mods on OPSEC grounds.. Frog Prince has identified a group on another thread, that the media and public at large may not yet be aware of:

    From trawling the web, they could be operating as the
    National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya and / or the
    Njudungs Fotbollsdomarklubb

    Also extensively reported to have fired shots in South Armagh over the years. Now they are active in Afghanistan!! Are they in Iraq already ? Will they park their car at Luton station tomorrow? What are Blair and Bush keeping from us?

    I would say the NFDK must now be an international republican paramilitary group, with ties to the Isalmic world, or narcotics production and distribution. So we must be on our guard and start to prepare for the war against NFDK (TWAN).

    I would suggest until national agencies and J2 get geared up for this new threat, that we use this thread as a repository for all information on the NFDK.

    Please feel free to post any reports on NFDK, or fresh TWAN requirements below.

    Lets roll!!
  2. Sweet Hey Zoooz!!

    We had so much reporting on NFDK in Iraq but we could never pin them done or get the right info to target them! The Welsh Guards reported the most on them in their Intsums though! :D :D :D
  3. research continues... :)
  4. I believe the NFDK are affiliated with the notorious SNU family - especially that FNU fellow who always seems to be kicking off.
  5. i think the NFDK sounds a bit Turkish personally.

    especially as a lot of its members seem to live in ANKara... :roll:

    sorry. i'll get my coat.
  6. fatherless...I was trying to fit ANK in as well!! :):):)
  7. it's all that time spent in meaningless backwater posts with no command responsibility mate... keeps you sharp lol
  8. It's alleged that the FNU SNU clan, which of course is based in and around ANK, is highly influential in the NFDK movement, which, while international in scope, is a successor organisation to the infamous NFI, which was so prominent in Northern Ireland, the GDR and the former Soviet Union.
  9. Touchee....well done :lol: :lol:
  10. We encountered splinter elements of the NFDK in Hong Kong several years before the handover. Most of them proved to be memebers of the NFI organisation. The worrying part was they all claimed to be from ANK. Very difficult to interrogate..ooops sorry ..question as they porported to be unable to converse in English or Turkish/Kurdish. Loads of FNU SNU's (U=unpronouncable) :):):)
  11. I thought the SNU clan were of chinese origin but in Northern Ireland there were loads called 'Paddy' SNU, H'mm they seem to be infiltrating everywhere and now they're in Afghanistan as well, definitely an international grouping.

    I will endeavor to do some more research but I feel it may be too highly classsified for this thread. This reaches to the very top.

    I will say that I believe the NFD and NFI, are smaller splinter elements of the NFDK.
  12. I have seen reports of NFDK operatives working with the newly formed NSTR.
  13. NSTR, we're off to the bar!
  14. Are the NTR an offshoot of the NSTR, do some information gathering in the bar CR!
  15. Yeah got to agree with you there. I was contemplating including it as comment in a MISR or the Monthly Intsum to the JIC. However, i wasn't quite sure of the probability the this may possibly be just suppositon. Without any input from the darkside we would be hard pushed to prove it. This is mainly based on H**INT reps. Could do with some hard S**INT to back it up. That would give us a true OPMI slant on things.

    Do we have a rough how many countries are now supporting NFDK activists (including NFD and NFI)?