Collar bone remodelling

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jew_unit, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. I came off my bike this morning and now my collar bone isn't quite the shape that it was. Sadly, I'm in the USA without all that much insurance so I'm loth to visit the hospital for any more than a quick triage visit for a sling, which I've already done.

    As a medical type (student) I understand that not much can be done. My question is whether i need to see a doctor ASAP to work out if it must be re-set, or whether it can wait a week until I get back to the UK. Also, will and re-setting/pins hamper my army application.

    I know that nobody will give me a solid diagnosis, but if it can wait a week then I'd really like to know that.
  2. Depends how well you can immobilise yourself! Further treatment ie ORIF will depend on the extent of the damage obviously, so without xray or at least a hand on physical examination, who can tell!! Either way it's going to take between 6 and 12 months to get full strength and mobility back. If it helps, my lad was back on the rugby pitch 12 weeks after his.
  3. Will ORIF f*ck me for the army?
  4. No idea, but I'd imagine your clavicle will take a fair pounding from bergens etc! my bloke has a big lump of callus right under his bergen strap, believed to be a periostial stress reaction to carrying weight!No doubt someone will be along soon who can advise more on the 'army specific' question.
  5. Bugger. Better do it myself with a blunt knife, a mirror and a black and decker drill.
  6. Make sure the drill isnt turned on hammer.
  7. I broke my collar bone playing rugby and the two sides of the break offset somewhat. As it happened during my first outpatient visit the NHS doc was being shadowed by an Italian doc. The NHS guy just checked it and said keep it in the sling. The italian said that they would routinely use one of those comedy brace things that hold you arms at right angles from your body. NHS chap felt it wasn't suitable for me (and indeed most cases).

    The only real effect I had was a wee click when I did press-ups and it made the LSW shoulder strap thing difficult to use (It canted the weapon so I learned to do without it.)
  8. I don't know the official line on pins but the key question is likely to be whether or not you can function normally with your shoulder. I broke one of my shoulders a couple of years before joining and it barely raised a question at the medical. I can do press-ups and carry a bergen without pain or loss of strength. For a bit of balance I broke the other one while serving. Neither has been pinned or had any more treatment other than a sling and some Brufen. Neither have affected my medical category.

    Given what you are training to be I am sure that you will be able to work out the best course of action.
  9. Thanks all. If anyone has the official line then that would be helpful. It happens to be the third time I've turned this collar bone into two pieces and the last two didn't trouble the doctors either so I'm hopeful.
  10. I broke mine, and was discharged cos they said they wanted to pin and plate it. Not really necessary, unless the fracture is a total non-union. From what I was told, they wont allow you to complete phase1 with a plate in. And Clavicle plates tend to stay in for at least 18 months. They arent comfortable, and one slip with the drill and they shred your nerves. I would advise against it. Bergan straps rub like fook where my break is, but a big sponge and a roll of black nasty fixed that :D