hi, im new to this iste but i just have a general question.

I joined the army in march 2008 at 17 and completed phase 1 at bassingbourn and 3/4 of phase 2 at ITC catterick as a junior, at catterick i had some complications and decided to leave, i was then given a 2 year period where i could not re enlist but was recommended for re service within a corps or trade. After i as discharged i started to have a few pains in my stomach, i went to the doctors with this and i was diagnosed with a mild form of colitis, it only plays me up on occasions but nothing serious. After a while i was got bored with being in civvy so i applied to join the RAF Regiment, i completed all the entrance tests and then failed the medical, but they did not specify wether it was the colitis that stopped my application. i started college and i am training to be a carpenter at the moment and i cant see myself doing this within the long run.

It is comming upto the time where i can re apply to the army, so my main question is will colitis bar me completely from service, i read on the army's website that it may hinder my application but nothing else of much use, can anyone shed some light on this question? :?



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