Colin Powell endorses That One...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. Well, according to CNN and the BBC , Colin Powell has endorsed Obama...

    Seeing that he was being pushed as a possible Republican candidate for POTUS, is this a bit of a kick in the nuts for McCain?
  2. No surprise there. Powell and Obama are both affirmative action figures. Powell endorsed Obama because he wantz to be down wiff da brutha, yo.
  3. I'm hoping George W Bush endorses Obama too, from the Oval Office on national television. :D
  4. Whatever....Powell knows in his heart that liberal/socialist/Democratic values of victimhood and no responsibility are not army values!
  5. Wow! Quite an entrance! Would you care to explain exactly what you mean with that, mucker? If you don't mind, of course.

  6. Just dropped into last night Bugsy, to see what their take was. I was really, very pleasantly surprised. Has there been a night of the long knives over there?

    ...and ditto an explanation on that last post..
  7. job offer for Mr Powell some where down the line????????????
  8. I've already explained it several times. Since it's inception the ironically named Democratic Party has been the most corrupt political party in the western hemisphere and notorious for gerrymandering, ballot box stuffing, voter intimidation, race baiting, poverty pimping, gender exploitation, war mongering (they've led the US into most of it's wars), union tampering, stock market manipulation, financial malfeasance, political malpractice, cronyism, patronage, welfare shilling, demogaugery, and general incompetance and criminality.
  9. is the military wing of Democratic Underground and Daily Kos.
  10. Richard Nixon.

    Dubya's Florida count.

    Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  11. Richard Nixon resigned because the Republican's were going to vote to impeach him. There was nothing wrong with the Florida vote count in 2000, and weapons of mass destruction issue was a mistake, not a deliberate lie since everybody knew Iraq had and used WMD's in the past.
  12. That's mostly Provisional Sinn Fein's CV there, I think; they've never been embarassed by it and they're doing very well out of it. The secret of success in their type of politics is to shout, bluff, lie, spin, scream, hurt, cry, lie again and be very quiet, all at the right times.
  13. So if I said that the British Empire was currently at war with Germany, that would be a mistake and not a deliberate lie, because the British Empire was at war with Germany in the past, right?
  14. No, because Saddam's Iraq and Adolf's Germany gave enough reasons to go to war with them at the time. There was no reason to lie.